Fake MOCAs?

  1. There's quite a few MOCA items on eBay. Are they all real or have the fakers gotten into the act already?
  2. All real so far. I think this release blindsighted the fake makers since there were no preliminary pics released of anything but the agendas.
  3. I am wondering the same thing... Are there any fake monogram agenda on eBay? I saw two that sold for around 400... and retail is 540 with LA tax..
    I am wondering whether I should take the chance.....??
  4. I'm sure the fakes will appear soon enough...they always do unfortunately.
  5. I'm thinking of the same thing:yes:
  6. for now i think all are real...
    and even if the fake comes out, i doubt they could make an exact copy of the coloured print.

    i think even the MC fakes are not exactly the same colour too with the real ones.
    the colour thing took a lot of efforts that i think the fakers manufacturer think it worth the cost LOL
  7. Or then you have the ones on ioffer who stole pics of real ones from eBay. I reported the ones I saw to the ebay sellers. I'm so SICK of these people stealing pics of real ones to sell their fakes!
  8. ugh, they're so bad!

  9. I have been wondering about this too...I got a Neverfull GM and I swear I am going to bite or kick the first person I see with a fake one!!!!!!:boxing:
  10. I hate fakes!! I wonder why these people can bring themselves to produce it! Arghh :noggin:
  11. I've been thinking the same thing there are several pages of the MOCA on ebay with really inflated prices. I was tempted to bid on one and thought about how much more I'd get for the money they were asking if I just got another bag from LV. (which I did) :yes: I'm over the MOCA items now; it just wasn't for me to have it. I was burned really bad once on ebay before I found tPF.
  12. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if there are fakes now since it has been a few weeks. I read somewhere in either Elle or Bazaar how the fakers just purchase one bag, then take it apart, scan the pieces on the computer and send it to their factories in minutes. Disgusting and disturbing. Just be careful when buying anything not from the original source!! HTH.
  13. the bags are real to this date. mean they only came out this month with no prereleased photos so probably another month or so for the fakes to pop up?