Fake MJ from bluebee?

  1. I just received a bright blue MJ zip clutch from bluebee.com and I’m wondering if it is authentic. Inside there’s just a golden stamp saying Marc Jacobs, made in Italy, no metal plaque - no suede inside either, though all my other MJ products have suede linings. The dustbag is not a drawstring, more like an envelope.
    Any thoughts? I live abroad and can’t just go see an original!
    Bluebee has been really great to do business with, so I sure hope it’s the real deal.
  2. That sounds right. MJ no longer uses nameplates in the wallets and the wallets should come with an envelope dustbag. If you further questions about authenticity, you should post pics in the auth this thread in the MJ forum.

    Bluebuee is considered a legitimate website. Don't worry!
  3. Great! Thanks for taking the time to answer.
  4. Yeah, don't worry. Bluebee is definitely legit. I've been to their stores on State St in Santa Barbara. They have fantastic sales twice a year. They save all their merchandise to be discounted, and then have 3 day sales where the first day, everything is 25% off, second day 50%, and last day 75%!! If you ever get the chance to go, I'd recommend it. :tup: