Fake MJ at Ocean State Job Lots

  1. OMG I guess that place will sell anything. I went to one kind of near where I live and there was a whole wall of fake Marc Jacobs, multipocket hobos,Black bags and small multi pocket bags as well as I am not sure if it was the Stella or Sofia but I could not beleive my eyes. I took a pic of these and need to have my husband bring the cord so I can post the pic. I will as soon as I get the picture downloaded. It was unbelievable. Job Lots is a discount store. I don't know if there are stores around the country or just in mass. They were selling for about $9 dollars and under. WOW, I want to bring this to their attention ,but I am very sure the people working there don't care. :wtf:
  2. You have to be so careful these days.
  3. I know, I am sure they don't know handbags enough to know that what they are selling is illegal but at $9 each, someone could def buy up a lot of them and try to pass them off on eBay as real. You are right, very scary
  4. Ugh, that is sad.
  5. Yikes. I am looking forward to the picture when you post it.

    My mom wanted to go to Job Lots last weekend, but we drove by instead. ;)
  6. I went there for some little "transformers" stuff for my son and gift bags and tissue paper, it is good for that stuff. I like building 19 better because you can get brand name stuff really cheap but that place is gross too ! I will hopefully post pics when my husband gets home tonight