fake mirage..... pity the real vuitton

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  1. as i was searching for mirage bag and saw another fake!!!!:tdown:
  2. Ew.. :sad:
  3. the speed of these runway fakes being produced amazes me every time. but you can't really pity the real LV. it is obvious that the degrade effect is a bit difficult or costly to replicate... and that's a good thing :tup:
  4. Gosh, already? :rolleyes:

    *BLEH* :yucky: .... not even close to looking as beautiful as the REAL DEAL!
  5. What a joke...I suppose we will all see a lot more fakes than real of this bag for a while..
  6. There is no dégradé effect and the fake croc looks really fake.
  7. ^^^lol
  8. Oh that's bad.
  9. Eek, it's so fugly!
  10. :throwup: Yuck! :yucky:
  11. wow, they do work fast!! Its like that one sex and the city episode with the berkin!!
  12. Boo!!:tdown::tdown::tdown:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.