Fake Metallic Lucy's or Marcelles......

  1. Can anyone tell me if they made fake metallic Lucy's or Marcelles? What would I need to look for? What are some tips? Thanks in advance.
  2. Well, there's this funky metallic Marcelle on eBay right now. I've had this particular bag and I can't tell if it's bad lightening, but that bag looks funky. Seriously. I should try to find an old listing of mine when I sold mine. That bag right now looks seriously yellow. Is that the one you're referring to?
    They never made any fake METALLIC Lucys. The silver was an NM exclusive....and the bronze Lucy was never as widely marketed. Those were the older Lucys, you know, those metallics....they all have the older green lining. The newer Marcelles - the black, ivory, brown NOW THOSE were duplicated to the point of insult awhile back. I see fakes every now and again on eBay still...but I've been quite pleased to see more and more authentic Marcelles...
    but sorry - off topic.
    Did that help? ;)
  3. Most of the fake Marcelles and Lucys I've seen, the leather is a dead giveaway. Most of the fakes have that gross "iOffer" leather... tiny little uniform pebbles. Eeew.

    Some of the fake Lucys are severly mishapen too. I wouldn't be able to explain it, but you'd know if you saw comparrision pics.
  4. Good question. The one on eBay looks like it might be the champagne; it's not the bronze as listed. (I have the Lucy) The zipper pull looks funky (looks like it's covered in plastic???) But the leather looks pretty good, so I'll let the experts chew on this question. Here's the one I'm talking about:


  5. Jchiara.....It probably was the one I was looking at (by AuctionMojo? listed tonight?).....I guess I am just wanting a nice metallic. You know I'm not sure but I think when I first started looking at Koobas you (or KoobaLover) bought your one metallic bronze (I think) Lucy.

    I remember the auction and it was pictured in a chair with the tags on it. I remember thinking "Can this possibly be a real Kooba?" Not that I knew anything about them, but I was soooo enthralled with the metallic color....Anyway, ever since then I've been lusting after a nice metallic, hence the reason for this post. I think you probably answered my question though, if that one is fake. Thanks.
  6. Thanks KoobaLover.....the one Rosenpetals has linked is the one peaked my interest. I couldn't tell an authentic metallic one if I had to, but I have a Lucy that I can use for regular leather comparison. Very confusing.
  7. What I didn't understand was this:

    Inside Features: zippered compartment; 2 cell phone sleeves; key ring

    Key ring???? In an old Kooba?

  8. I will try to find some old listings of mine...list them for comparisons sake.
    The one thing that makes me stop to take pause to think that it is real is that on the close up of the side of the bag are those metal grommets? Would the gross fakes take the time?

    Let me see if I can find my old metallic Marcelle that I sold (it's gone guys, so don't get all qooky about it).....:p Oh here it is. Gosh - not a lot of pics. I'm embarrassed - but it was oh so real. Loved that bag. Went to a good home! :heart:

  9. I think the leather just looks too good on that bag to be fake. All the Fake Marcelles we see are pretty obviously fake by the leather quality or craftsmanship. I love it and if it was Lucy I'd be after it.

    I tuned into that bag in my Kooba love infantcy.....I'm glad it went to a good home, I just wish it would have been mine LOL:crybaby:
  11. Oh boo. Listen, after much musings after those pictures, I'm 99% sure it's real. Look at the grommets on the side picture. See the metal around them? I don't think that the fakes would taken the time to do such a thing....
    It's a very interesting color to photograph - I can honestly say that my pictures from my listing were really spot on.....and Lexie's right - the leather does look very nice on this.....metallics just weren't duplicated...I just KNOW they weren't........
    And plastic on the pull....well, it would be just so seriously new. Of course plastic on the Kooba label is generally always done and frankly, I never remove mine just to keep it free from scratches.
    Honestly, this might be such the major find at this point - good luck ladies!!!
    I just let this one go - and I'm happy that I have a bronze Lucy and silver Lucy - how many metallics does one girl need??? (don't answer that!!!) :wlae:
  12. Whatever it is, it sure is pretty. The leather looks awfully good, as do the grommets to be fake, but I have never seen one like this.