Fake merchandise

  1. I just saw a program on Dutch TV about fake watches made in China. I would have gladly switched the TV off but stayed on to be able to tell you that...

    ...There were 13 year old girls, working 12 hours a day assembling watches. They were paid 50cents (of a dollar)... a day. They slept next to their working places. And what broke my heart is that they used clothes pegs to keep their eyes open...I wish everyone who buys a fake anything would see this program first.
  2. Anoukaimee, thanks for this post. We do need to be aware of the socioeconomic implications of our purchases. Thanks again.
  3. oh my god. when i saw your thread i thought it was going to be another spam thread (theres been loads of them today).thats so shocking. i would never even look at a fake bag.
  4. clothes pegs :amazed:
  5. :wtf:That is horrible!
  6. That's gotta hurt. :wtf:
  7. :wtf: OMG....!!
  8. Clothes pegs? Despicable! :cursing:

    If that was on youtube i would forward the link to everyone on eBay who is selling a fake.
  9. that's really sad =(
  10. Because cultural values and beliefs about intellectual property are not the same all over the world, in many countries, the manufacture of products that would violate US trademark laws goes on exactly as does the manufacture of any other product...

    Encating - and enforcing strict global regulations regarding working conditions, including child labor is something that I would personally welcome, however such a thing would mean a dramatic decrease in revenue for so many companies, including US ones, so my view would be considered in some circles to be frankly "anti-business."
  11. That's horrible!!!
  12. sad.
  13. How appalling :mad:
  14. That is so terrible! I know the Dutch customs officers at Schipol are very strict on any fake merchandise.