Fake MC Speedy 30 Spotted

  1. I thought I would share this one with you guys. I was on vacation in Hawaii and brought my MC Speedy, but left it at where I was staying. Anyway, I was at the Honolulu airport when I spotted a girl about 100 feet away with a MC Speedy 30. I was curious to know if the bag was real because this chick thought she was the ****! I came closer until I was only a few feet away. OMG! The bag was soooo fake it was soooo embarrassing. The colors were all too dark, and yes there was red LVs everywhere. The chick even looked at me like, "yeah, this is my bag and it cost thousands!" I wanted to yell out to her - " I know that bag is fake cuz I have the real one!" Of course I was too lady like to have done that. I just wished that I brought my bag with me so she could see her's was awful!
  2. :roflmfao:too funny! Seems like the ones that carry a fake and try pulling it off as a the real are more cranky then US with the real one.
    I think US carry the real one pissed them off more then they piss use off carrying the fake.
  3. Why is it that people who carry fakes think they are the ****? LOL Too bad you didn't have your MC Speedy with you to give her a lesson or two about real LV.

    I have three relatives who buy fake LV and Gucci and they think they are the ****, too, parading around looking like they are VIPs or something. I just shake my head at them and laugh to myself. If only they knew that they and all the other fakers out there look like FOOLS, then they wouldn't be acting so high and mighty.
  4. I was the same way when I first bought LV's. Although I've spotted several fakes, I just ignore it. It's bad enough that it's fake, I don't want my eyes to water. I pay more attention to those that have the real deal. I rather look out for a real one so I can better assess what I would like to purchase next.
  5. lol. what a silly girl with a silly fake. :weird: i spotted a fake white mc bag this weekend that was trying to look like an audra. but failed. miserably.
  6. I think people act like teh Sh*t because then they think, well if i act like ive got a real one then maybe someone will be jealous of me kwim!? Its soooo sad, but funny at the same time!
    Talking about people thinking they are teh sh*t, me and my bf were in an electrical shop, getting him a portable DVD player, omg this girl had BIG wrap around sunglasses, tight jeans, tiny crop top on, a bag, which was no name and teh biggest pout you have ever seen! She thought she was Mrs Beckham, i sware my bf just laughed, but thats what i mean, i feel sorry for people that have to put on an act... xx
  7. Honestly, I don't understand why people care who carries fakes. It's almost just as bad as carrying one yourself.
    Sorry...had to rant!
    To the poster, this is not a direct attack at you or your post. I'm just having one of those days.
  8. Sometimes I can't tell if a bag's fake when it's Mono, but MC... :s
  9. Sometimes, I have trouble telling what's fake and what's not, even in MC... sometimes, it's obvious fakes, but I have trouble always giving people the benefit of the doubt... it's hard to tell, all I know is that mine are real, and I don't want them rained on!
  10. Lol.
  11. Savvyblonde! Hope your day goes better!:smile:
  12. I have to say, I see soooo many fakes I almost can't believe it! Was at the mall a month back and saw at least 20 and I wasn't even looking for them.
  13. So yesterday my sister comes over to visit, and walks in with a fake mc speedy.
    OMG wtf is she thinking?
    Of course she tried to tell me it was real until I pulled mine out of the closet.

    then she was like :wtf: I bought it just because i like it and dont care if its real or not!
  14. well said
  15. Very funny!