Fake Mass Produced Damier Speedys!

  1. :sick:
  2. Oh no...I think damier speedy will be easy to copy considering no patina etc...in hate it...I am looking fwd for June...
  3. ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...it's so aggrevating!!
  4. That's so awful ... I tend to fall out of love with bags that are mass-copied. This is such a classic one too!
  5. No wonder why they "Hate PayPal" !!
  6. Oh no!
  7. That is just sad.:sad:
  8. it does say "interpretation" indicating that it is not real so its not really deceptive, but what I dont understand is that I thought it was against the law for anyone to sell a fake LV bag. I have heard of some venders having them all confiscated. It seems like they are relaxing the rules these days. Especially on Ebay..I see alot of fakes and ebay never calls them on it or deletes the ad like they used to do.
  9. I think if I start seeing fakes even before the actual bag comes out... it doesn't look good for what's to come.
    I may have to pass on the damier speedy, especially since it would be hard to tell a fake from a real one. It would piss me off seeing copies of my bag everywhere.
    I hope this won't happen though! :noworry:
  10. I completely agree. I was looking forward to getting my Damier Speedy, but now I'm having second thoughts. :sad:
  11. I remember seeing fake Damier Speedies before I even knew the real Damier Speedy was coming out. It wouldn't deter me from getting a real one because of the quality and I would know it's real. :amuse:
  12. there is a store near my house which is known to have huge selections of fake lvs i walked past it the other day as was suprised that they had 4 damier speedies in the window (these were also quite pricey mind you i went in out of interest $300 a pop thats a real small leather good!!!!) they were tripe A grade fakes as the SA was nice enough to point out (hey at least she wasnt claiming they were auth.) should i report the store? and what will they do?
  13. Dont think like that! YOU know you will be wearing the real one..thats all that matters. Its like wearing really nice expensive bra and panties...not everyone will see them but you know. Who cares...I am getting one...:heart: :heart: