Fake Mason Pearson brushes?

  1. Do fake Mason Pearson brushes exist? I had one that I got for Christmas last year and it has since gone missing *panicking*! I wanted to get another off eBay but I just want to make sure that there isn't a chance of me not getting the real, fabulous thing. Thanks in advance!
  2. allure magazine recently reviewed sonia kaschuk from target's brushes. i bought one after they said it was the closest you could find to the real thing (real boar bristles, etc). i love it! it definitely smoothes and polishes your hair like a mason does.
  3. ^I read the same article!

    So it really is as good as a Mason Pearson brush?
  4. I heard the same thing!! I looked for it at target and I didn't see any:tdown:.
  5. I, too, read that article, but purchased a Mason Pearson recently from Tressence they had good service and accept Paypal -- which I like. I don't know about fakes, but I didn't want to take any chances.
  6. I read the same article and went out and bought the brush the next day. It is no different than my mothers Mason brush. These brushes must be flying off the shelves because when i bought mine it was the last one, and now one of my girlfriends has been looking for one and they never have them when she's there
  7. We don't have Targets up here in Canada unfortunately :sad: But that Sonia Kaschuk brush sounds great --- I'm hoping to make a trip to Seattle soon-- you guys think it works as well as a MP?

    In case I don't go down soon and get desperate for the brush, do you know of any fake MP brushes on eBay?
  8. How much is the brush at Target?

    Are there different sizes?
  9. I believe i paid $14.99 for mine. I believe it's only one size
  10. I'm not sure if thier are any fakes. :shrugs: