fake Marc Jacobs seller about to close

  1. I received a fake Marc Jacobs Elise bag, which screamed COUNTERFEIT when I opened it in the post office parking lot. Sigh, there was no way I'd walk around with this purse when my friends are fashionistas.

    The Marc Jacobs boutique said it couldn't write a letter with a letter head for this seller, so I messaged the seller, and he agreed that I can just send it back cuz he wanted me to to be satisfied.

    After mailing it out with USPS Signature Confirmation. I nicely said, "You should contact your vendor in Italy because your vendor wasn't honest with your marc jacobs." All I want is my money back. Just keep it simple.

    But I get no word of communication from him! :nuts:

    I see that he's listed some more Elise bags, auctions that will end 1-2 days. I have a feeling that he's going to close his account and run off with my money. Should I report this guy to eBay now? Or wait it out... And potentially get screwed when I lodge a paypal dispute?

    Oh my... I am getting so educated on buying purses on this forum... I wish I'd found this place before I impulsively bought it from this "power seller" with a 100% rating from buyers who can't tell a real MJ from a fake with cheap leather :push:
  2. Could you post a link to the auction so we can see which seller to stay clear of, and to report their other fakes?

    BTW, file with paypal immediately before they have time to run off with your money!
  3. File your paypal dispute & escalate to a claim ASAP. Explain that your seller has agreed to accept the return and here is the tracking number, etc. You should get your refund.
    In the listing how much paypal protection was offered, $200 or $2000?
    Did you use your CC to pay thru paypal?

    Please post a link to the other bags for a warning to others!
  4. Agree!! File and escalate right away!

    Since you got delivery confirmation, paypal will side with you. Just make sure you sent it to his Paypal confirmed address. Once it shows delivered to him, if he doesn't refund you within a certain period of time, Paypal with withdraw the funds from his account, provided that the money is in there.
  5. After you file your claim, the best thing to do is leave this seller a negative and warn others.

    If you post the item number maybe some of us can check this seller out and report his auctions as well.
  6. The item number is 180103965048[​IMG]

    Yesterday night, I messaged him on eBay about why he didn't respond to my e-mails.

    This morning, he responds, whining about how he never in a million years encountered such a difficult customer, despite having offered to provide a refund (IF THE BAG IS IN GOOD CONDITION-- ha!). How unprofessional. So I followed your suggestion and filed a dispute with paypal :smile:

    By the end of the day, if I get no response, I can easily escalate it to a claim (it seems that paypal is insistent about having some sort of communication between buyer and seller before anyone escalates it to a claim).

    Thanks for all the help! I will share what happens later-- this seller strikes me as a drama queen. :yucky:
  7. Yes sellers listings look fake. Too many "new w/ tags" of the same bag at such low prices are suspect!

    Please leave this seller a negative to warn others!
  8. "PayPal Buyer Protection offers free coverage up to $2,000 when you buy from qualified sellers." Good! :sweatdrop:

    btw, I have since learned that a Marc Jacobs bag selling for less than $500 from a merchant with multiple listings is very likely to be fake. Boy, I was naive!

    I used a debit card to pay through paypal.

    A few minutes ago, I hesitated about escalating immediately to a claim, but I changed my mind:

    1) He was hedging a little-- stipulating that the bag must be in good condition. Everythng's in its original condition, but maybe he will weasel a way by pointing out, "lo and behold- there's a little scratch!"

    2) We already communicated via eBay messaging. So why waste time on repeating the stupid dance? He's already become emotional with his tirade about how difficult of a customer I am. Okay.

  9. This seller has three bags listed now, I reported and hope others will do the same.
  10. From the paypal e-mail, I was told that might be asked to submit a letter with an official letterhead, etc etc.

    However, Marc Jacobs does not issue such a document when I called one of its Soho boutiques.

    Have any of you encountered this type of problem?

    "You will be contacted by email and asked to provide additional information.
    If you are filing a claim because you believe that you received fake or
    inauthentic merchandise, you may be asked to submit a letter of
    inauthenticity from a reputable expert who can substantiate your claim. You
    are responsible for any costs associated with this appraisal. This letter
    should be on official letterhead and include contact information so that we
    may discuss your case with the expert if necessary."
  11. Do you know a seller with real Marc Jacobs bags in E-bay?
    Please let me know because I want to buy one

  12. Haha I think your best bet is to go to Saks , eluxury, or marc jacobs boutique and just buy one!
  13. Yeah, I agree...

    Or search through www.craigslist.org. Then tell the seller to meet up at an authorized place (ie. Saks or Marc Jacobs boutique) to get it verified right then and there. Before forking over the money. :p
  14. I would also be a little wary when right at the very bottom, it says they will only take the bag back if you have authentication in letter form.

    It is clear from posts on here alone, that there are virtually no stores anywhere who are prepared to do this for you. Therefore, I would be very reluctant to even take a risk.

    I really hate seeing people getting ripped off.