Fake Marc by Marc Jacobs Posh J.J. Turnlock

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  1. I've actually seen one like this on eBay. It's very obviously fake, which is a good thing!
  2. I suppose! I didn't think they would fake MBMJ! This really sucks doesn't it? I don't know much about MBMJ bags but i am glad i managed to differentiate it! Lol. Thanks Telicious for your previous help! My best friend has the lamintaed tote bag in the print that your avatar is hehe.
  3. they've finally managed to start copying the printed fabric interiors. :Push:
  4. How this can happen? OMG!
  5. Thankfully, the Post JJ Patent Turnlock Bag was never made with the scrambled letters lining! It was only made in the plain striped lines lining or the white lining with red/blue "dot" pattern.

    Did you see the White Dr. Q Groovee they had on the site? If you didn't look at the zippers, the exterior looks so real!
  6. hopefully there won't be a lot of fake companies replicating marc by marc. Its stupid really, no wonder they only try to sell it as the real thing, or else they can't make much money!
  7. I have seen fakes of this bag with striped lining but not the red/blue dot pattern. I will try and find the website.
  8. I've seen the regular JJ made with the scrambled letters lining, and they were in nordies....and there were a bunch of them. Is it just the patent that is made without the letters?
  9. Yes, the Post Patent Turnlock JJ bag was only made with the striped lining and the red/blue dots lining (I don't even know what to call it!).

    The Posh Turnlock Jazz Bag, which came out in this Brown and Yellow color for Spring 2007 (I think), is not made of patent leather, just regular leather, and the inner lining is the mixed letters.
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