fake marc by marc jacobs clothes?

  1. I was just wondering if you guys know if they fake marc by marc jacobs clothes? Someone else asked this question in the MJ forum in an old post and they were directed here. I searched and I didnt find the answer. so do you guys know if marc clothes are faked?
  2. I am almost 100% sure there are. If you look at eBay auctions there are tons of them that are from China and the same item being sold in 5 different auctions from the same seller. Also I feel like the material and design looks a lot different from a real one that is purchased from a department store.
  3. Yep. See it all the time.
  4. Tons on eBay! :push:
  5. I've seen MbyMJ fake bags.. but haven't seen clothes. I'm sure there are, though.
  6. aww that sucks. do you think any of you guys can figure out if this is real or not?

    if not, its okay. ill just stay away. the top she's selling looks a lot longer than the stock photo.
  7. my first instinct is that it's fake... but i don't have that exact shirt so I wouldn't be able to compare
  8. okay well ill be safe and not bid thanks!
  9. I havent seen any, but I would still be careful, some people will fake anything! :tdown:
  10. Label looks all wrong to me, the font looks a little off