Fake Manolos On Blueflyyy!

  1. OMG...its really horrible.


    i will never NEVER buy from bluefly again!
  2. what the...? why is bluefly doing this?!?
  3. Why on earth would Bluefly ruin their reputation by selling fakes..........? Crazy...:mad: :rant:

    Can i be totally daft here and ask someone to point me in the direction of why the above pair are fakes..?:shame:

    They look like the lining is man-made, i assume this simply wouldn't be the case with a genuine pair.. :idea:

    Sorry for my ignorance!:shame: :flowers:
  4. Very scary. Could those just be REALLY old stock or some reasonable explanation? Although I know Bluefly sold fake Prada bags several years back, later claiming they were duped as well.
  5. ^^^They did the same thing about a week or 2 ago with fake bbags! Scary!!!
  6. That's it. I'm not shopping on Bluefly. That's the third time I heard/saw a fake. Three strikes your out!:mad: :rant:
  7. I am not 100% sure these Manolos are fake..they look very familiar..they may be real..
  8. Have you seen Blahniks with that kind of stamped on label before? I haven't... but you could be right, maybe they are out there!
  9. never seen that type of label on my manolos:blink:
  10. Bluefly's Buyer Needs To Be Fired!!!!!!
  11. I've seen fake Manolos sold on Canal Street, so who knows.
  12. those are definitely fake! i've only seen manolos w/ the white cloth label. nothing is ever stamped on!
  13. yes...even beacuse they make the shoe in italy and then the label is applied: as far as i know, the shoes are made in central italy but the industry that makes them doesn't make shoes only for manolo so the label is attached later.
  14. Manolo does exclusive lines for other places as well,and they have different "exclusive"looks for each of them..so I am unsure if these are fake...
  15. i just buy from manolo's shop in old church street in london and i've never seen that kind of label. obviously,i've been buying manolo for a short time if compared to the years that this brand has been around, so it could be an old shoe, and obviously i haven't tried all the models ever made :lol: but those shoes smell of fake :oh: