fake LV's

  1. i was at a restaraunt Saturday night & I saw two women, both with LV Speedy 30's. one had dark tan leather handles & the other had light tan leather handles. now I am no expert on spotting fake LV's, but I was just curious if real LV's come with two different shades of leather handles or were they both fake?
  2. I am not expert, but I think the age of the purse makes the handles and leather change colors. Some purses get a patina. But, who knows, they could be fakes too!??!
  3. I don't know if these were fake, but the new LV leather (vachetta) is very light, then in time gets a patina and turns honey-colored, so maybe one was newer than the other. The LV forum is very active--you'll get many more replies over there than on this general forum.

    Good eye for details!
  4. I have a brand new speedy - the handles were almost white when I first got it. It is slowly turning a nice honey color. The older the LV the darker the vachetta gets.
  5. The leather gets darker with age. It's called patina. ;)
  6. The damier pattern comes with dark handles instead of the vachetta. The handles on most monogram pieces starts very pale, like others have said, and gradually develops a honey colored patina. If it is used a lot for a long time, the top part of the handles can become very dark.
  7. When I bought my Speedy about 3 or 4 years ago, the leather on the handles was nearly white... it has now developed into more of a honey color, but it didn't start out like that. It eventually can get very dark.
  8. see, i know nothing about LV. Thanks everyone for the info!
  9. The older the speedy, the darker the handles.
  10. I suppose you can spot it through the prints, workmanship and sometimes even the size of the bag.
  11. Monogram Canvas Speedys have two different leathers - the modern Speedys have naked vachetta leather, the vintage French Company Speedys have treated leather.
  12. New Speedy (pic from elux)

    Older Speedy with patina (darkened leather) (pic from eBay)
  13. I think most people say here that fakes don't get a patina (or very slight), but recently I saw a woman with the FAKEST LV ever and the leather was very very dark in some areas (eg handles)
  14. Actually I have seen fakes that have a patina. Its kind of "orangy" looking :push: but I guess you could call that patina. :confused1: