fake lv´s in german and austrian ebay

  1. I have seen the number of fake listings on ebay.de and ebay.at really sank in the past 2 years-yay!

    this is due to some (thanks god) new rules and regulations about fakes on ebay.

    ebay pulls down about every fake listing and warns the seller. after that warning, if the seller still continous to sell fakes, he gets banned and sometimes gets problems with the brand´s lawyers as well..........especially in case of lv or chanel.
    also the other good thing is that ebay often closes the listings just a few minutes before they end, which is good.

    due to this ebay case and the european new regulations on fakes in generall(even if you buy a fake item you can get fined for up to 10 000 euros which DID happen to several tourists, especially in italy and france, just past summer!) it seems to ME that the number of the "better" fakes has sunk in
    vienna at least.

    of course there are still the young girls with the very very hideous fakes around but I have not seen many "decent" fakes in the past 2 years.
    I am really really happy that I was only able to spot about 8 fake lv bags today, even tho I saw about 30 real ones:smile:

    besides of the law, customs here opens up EVERY package that weights more then 300 grams and comes from china, singapore,turkey, thailand and some other countries to be sure that fakes do NOT get into europe!

    I am really really happy to see that AT LEAST here in vienna and also some other european countries, our tax money gets some good use:smile:

    now.........when you check ebay.com there are about 96% fakes and also the customs there doesn´t seem to be too strikt about importing fakes!

    when will the us start to get stricter? what do you think?

  2. I'm not sure if US customs would be able to do that, China is its third largest trading partner and besides fakes, there are a lot of other goods that flow in. I wonder how much pressure brands are also putting on customs, if any ?
  3. but those awful Gucci fakes are everywhere in Vienna now... epecially the Horsebit Hobo, also comes in colors like white background with black Mono pattern or pink Mono :blink: so if they do care, it's just about LV
  4. You see tons of fakes all over down here in florida. Most of them seem like they aren't even making an attempt to get them close. Obviously the inspired bags are a different story, but the complete knockoffs are horrible.
  5. yay on the vanishing of fakes :smile:
    i noticed that too (except for the gucci horsebit bags), but remember summer is coming up and then the streets will be flooded again with fakes which people brought back from whatever holiday destination they are coming from.