Fake LV's being passed off as authentic?

  1. I have read some horror stories about fake LV's passing the inspection of authenticity when they go into Louis Vuitton stores for repairs.

    I remember recently reading on TPF about someone who purchased a Trolley 50 Bosphore on eBay and went to the LV store to have one of the wheels fixed. When the piece was sent to be repaired, it was found out to be fake!!

    I also remember reading how the upscale Melrose avenue retailer Maxfield's, reportedly sold vintage LV trunks that appeared to be fake upon closer inspection by Louis Vuitton officials. The trunks were immediately pulled of their sales floor.

    This brings up to question if anyone has every heard stories like this before? If yes, can they please share!

    p.s. Moderators please feel free to move this to the right section, I wasn't sure where to post!
  2. Damn they got caught selling fake trunks! how embarrasing!

    I dont think i've ever had a problem with a fake, i'd like to think i can spot them a mile off!
  3. You'd like to think that atleast Maxfield's or your LV local SA would know!
  4. Think it is just one of those rumors that make the rounds periodically about that bag that was forwarded to the repair shop and only then they noticed that it was a fake.
  5. The opposite situation happened to me. I purchased a vintage Speedy on eBay,(made by the French Co) and carried it with me to the LV store in NYC. I went there to look at an agenda and said to the SA, Isn't this a great looking vintage LV? She turned up her nose at me and said-"That is not one of ours". I said do you mean that it is a fake? She answered "Yes".

    I went upstairs to get it authenticated and it was not only authentic but, the assistant marveled over the beautiful condition of the bag.

    I then could not wait to go back to the SA and tell her, that it was real and it was fabulous!:yahoo:

    The SA's are not that well informed and in some instances are ignorant!
  6. Wow! thats a priceless moment!! I would haved loved to have been there! :roflmfao:
  7. Andro: It was great!