Fake LV!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to warn you of a man named Frank Laverde that is on ebay claming to sell authentic LV handbags. I bought a denim speedy bag from him then when I got it I could tell it was not real. The care booklet was a bronze color that LV does not use. The authenticity card was yellow which LV does not use, the LV tag was on the bag which LV does not do they alway leave it in the inside pocket. The bag had tan leather pipeing and I found out later it is suppose to be denim colored. I sent him back the bag and he said as soon as he gets the tracking number he was going to pay me back through paypal but he has not done so. Now I have to go through paypal to see what they can do! I will keep you updated.

  2. Arg...sorry to hear that. Hope you get your money back soon.
  3. That is too bad...I hope that you get your money back ASAP!
  4. So sorry. but just fyi if you didnt already know---LV does not do authenticity cards at all. just the small tags that come inside the bag

    Any seller who says their bag comes with a authenticity card is selling a fake
  5. :cursing: I am so sorry! I have been in this very same boat 4 times. It is horrible! Good luck~ keep on it and keep turning that person in! have your friends help as well...:roflmfao:
  6. That is why I would NEVER buy an LV through ebay..
  7. I agree. With my luck, no matter what research I did, the bag would be fake.
  8. Wow, I found the listing and the bag looks, really, really, really fake!

    Please be aware that not one person would sell a brand new bag that normally retails for $1200, for $300. I bought a pre-owned Denim Baggy PM for $745, and wouldn't expect to pay less than that amount for an authentic bag.

    I'm sorry that you were taken, but you need to do serious research before bidding--don't be afraid to visit your local LV and check out the bags, ask on The Purse Forum, or enquire on eBay's Louis Vuitton board.