Fake LV with 6 point screw-BEWARE

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  1. wow .. I still have no idea what's wrong with the bag (got some rough ideas), but thanks for the heads up that the 6-point-screws are now being used.
  2. the auction should be reported so Ebay will take it down. i'd feel sorry for the person who'll win the auction and get a fake bag :cursing:
  3. it's getting tough to spot..this one is dead giveaway..:

  4. Ok this is scary. I own this bag and as I was scrolling down everything looked good to me until the pic of the inside tag.:yucky:

    But other than that, fakes are getting really good. That ticks me off. Some poor soul is going to win that bag and pay all that money for a big fat fake!!
  5. I find it funny how everything on the bag is almost perfect...or at least close..they mess up the font!! fakers are soo stupid...
  6. Oh no! Those morons :cursing:
  7. :wtf: it's up to 500$!
  8. No, they will never be comparable. Don't worry. Even if they finally get all the details right, the quality will still never compare. And I've seen some other newer fakes on Ebay with 6 pt screws, so be careful everyone. :sad:
  9. WOW, that's why I would NEVER buy off of ebay
  10. Mirror-copies replicas are getting more difficult to make a call on... I've seen an Manhattan PM that looked 99.9% real. :cursing:
  11. report report report!

    please help and report this fake bag!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.