Fake LV Watch

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  1. I won an auction for a Louis Vuitton watch. The auction didn't say Louis Vuitton anywhere, not even in title. It was advertised as "LV watch", which to me would mean the same thing. And especially if it's fake, it still counts as advertising as Louis Vuitton.

    So I won the watch for a whopping $36. I had posted it on the authentication forum and nobody was sure if it was real or not and asked for me to take more pics once I received it. So I did that and was then told it was fake.

    The seller told me (before I won) that she bought it from an antique store. She never guaranteed authenticity to me but I bought it because I wasn't told it was fake by tpf members at that point and I didn't want to lose the good deal if it was real.

    I paid for the watch by money order. I figured I can take a chance and ask the seller for a refund, even though I'm almost confident that if I send the watch back, I will not get a refund.

    So this is what I said to the seller:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Hi Beatrice,
    I just wanted to let you know I received the watch yesterday. I had the watch checked out to make sure it is authentic and it turns out that it isn't. I guess you didn't know since you bought it from a third party. Is there something we can do to resolve this?

    I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she didn't know just so I can make this as peaceful as possible and try to get a refund. This was her response:

    Hello Michelle,

    The watch was advertised as LV watch. What would you like to do? It's only $36 which is why it was advertised as LV watch only and not anything else.

    I know it's only $36 but I'm a college student without a job. I'd rather spend the $36 on groceries than a fake LV watch that will just sit in a box forever or be thrown out. And the seller doesn't even deserve my money, whether it was $1 or $36 for a fake LV item.

    I know I'm ranting, but just because the auction only said "LV Watch" and not Louis Vuitton, it still could been reported and canceled right? Which would mean that the seller should still be held responsible.

    Now, is there any smart way of going about getting a refund or do I have to just send the watch back and hope for the best?
  2. Honestly, you are right. It doesn't matter if it was 36 dollars or 3600 dollars. It is fake, and by ebay's rules she can't sell it. It is illegal. It doesn't matter if the put LV watch, Louis Vuitton watch, or fake LV watch, she isn't allowed to sell it. So, you can nicely ask her to return your 36 dollars. You cannot sell counterfeit items period. In fact, when you list anything you are guaranteeing it is authentic.

    I would write her back and say that you would appreciate her sending your 36 dollars back. It is not authentic and it doesn't matter how she listed it, it can't be sold if it is fake.

    Good luck!
  3. I'd tell her you'd like to resolve this amicably, and selling counterfeit items is illegal. You cannot sell an item on eBay if you're unsure it's not real. Claiming ignorance isn't an excuse. Ask for your money back. If she resists, file a claim with eBay.

    Just my opinion, I never pay for anything on eBay with a money order. I only use paypal and pay with my credit card. This way you're protected if something goes wrong.

    If you do have to send the item back, make sure you do so with tracking so you have proof that you sent it.
  4. You are right about spending $36 on groceries than basically throwing it on a fake. Regardless, I don't know how you can get your money back since you paid by MO.
  5. This is what I said to the seller

    Hi Beatrice,

    I'd like to solve this amicably. I would appreciate it if you can refund the $36 for the watch. I will return the watch as well.

    Selling counterfeit items is illegal, whether it is through a consignment store, ebay, or websites that bluntly say they are selling replicas.

    According to ebay, it doesn't matter how the watch was advertised. It is not authentic and due to eBay's policy, violations can result in listing cancellation, limits on account privileges, account suspension, forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings, and loss of PowerSeller status.

    Also stated on eBay's website:
    Counterfeits, unauthorized replicas, unauthorized items (such as counterfeit watches, handbags, or other accessories) or unauthorized copies (such as copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, or photographs) are not permitted on eBay.

    Please let me know how you would like us to handle this.

    I always pay through paypal when it is an option. This seller only accepted money orders and before I won the auction, I contacted past buyers of this seller and asked them for some feedback on their transaction since they paid by money order. Three of the four people that I contacted had responded and they all said the seller is reliable. Those buyers all paid for items over $150 so I felt safe. It was only for $36. If I won the item for $360 it would have been another story and I wouldn't have even considered sending a money order.
  6. Well, one of two things can happen here...she does the right thing and refunds your money, or she gets mad and ignores you. Hopefully she will do the right thing and you can put this behind you.
  7. While I am not siding with seller, I don't think you have a chance of getting a refund, just my opinion. Firstly you didn't get seller to confirm in writing (mail) its authenticity before the sale when you certainly had doubts (why post on tpf forum asking for authenticity?), secondly you took the chance half knowing it might be a fake. You can't blame tpf members for not authenticating it, we have no obligations for something entirely voluntary.

    Advertising as LV watch does not necessarily mean its Loius Vuitton, unless it has the logo and description spells out the brand in full. Just like "MJ" is it Marc Jacobs or Michael Jackson? Ebay knows full well there are tons of fakes it can't even guarantee, let alone items advertised with initials. In your case, I don't think ebay/Paypal will side with you, you can try, but seller seems to have the upper hand in this one.
  8. haha sorry off topic but that reminds me of my ex boyfriend... i said something about me being cute in my MK (michael kors) scarf and he went: "what? MK? Mary Kate Olson?"

    i was like um no. tehe.

  9. Any item which is selling for a ridiculously low price on ebay is a fake (99.99%of the time). I am not condoning this seller's action but buyers need to be aware that anything that appears too good to be true probably is.
  10. Sorry, I have to disagree with alot of what you just said. You don't have to get the seller to "confirm its authenticity in writing", when you sell on ebay, AS THE SELLER you are guaranteeing when you hit submit that it is not in violation of ebay's terms. So, that point is moot.

    Secondly, if an item has "Louis Vuitton" written all over the item being sold and the auction says "LV watch" it doesn't take that much to figure out that LV stands for Louis Vuitton.

    Also, ebay DOES give seller protection up to 250 dollars on items regardless of payment method, as long as it can be tracked (ie. Check, money order). So, you are somewhat protected by ebay.

    Blaming a buyer for purchasing on ebay, IMO, is erroneous. The seller is at fault here. Yes, we should all be responsible in the fact of "knowing" before you buy, however, the seller was the person who sold counterfeit goods. It is THEIR responsibility to verify it's authenticity prior to listing it. Yes, we know that doesn't happen, however, it is still what is supposed to happen. :tup:
  11. I'm not blaming anything on tpf members. I always have doubts on everything until I have it authenticated just to be sure. When the tpf members couldn't authenticate it, I took the chance. I'm not blaming it on anyone. She had a picture of the watch on the auction. Front and Back. Louis Vuitton symbol and name was on the watch. Doesn't matter if the auction listing said "LV" or "Louis Vuitton", it's fake. Selling fake items is illegal.
  12. and get this.. this was the seller's response. I ALMOST laughed when I saw she wants me to leave positive feedback first..


    no problem as long as we both leave positive feedback? first . send the watch back & i will refund you 36.00 thanks!

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]- Beatrice[/FONT]

    Edit: Now that I'm re-reading what she said, I'm not sure if she means I have to leave feedback first or first I send the watch back and then she gives me my refund. I'm trying to go to eBay live help but it isn't working on my computer. If I still have the part of the money order that the sender keeps, does that help me in any way?
  13. She wants you to return the watch and once she recieves it she'll refund you the $. After you're both satisfied then to leave positive feedback.

    I would write for feedback:

    Item was not what I thought it would be - Seller refunded - Satisfied
  14. well said :smile:
  15. Be sure to let us know the outcome of this.