Fake LV, this makes no sense!!

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  1. One of my friends is very wealthy. Now mind you she could afford to buy any LV she wanted NO PROBLEM. She has 3 closets full of clothes, all designer, you get the picture. Well come to find out all her LVs are FAKE. I never would have guessed but she told me she can get me any LV bag I want from NYC where she travels all the time and buys hers for her family, friends, etc. I was mortified as I am poor (LOL!) and would never think of carrying a fake LV.

    Why would people do this? I know there have been posts of stars even carrying fake LV. It makes no sense to me at all. How sad for all the authentic LV owners out there :weird: :sad2: :cry:
  2. they do it because they don't care for or value authenticity, IMO. some people are just happy to get something for cheap, even if they can afford something more expensive, and naive to the dirty world that fakes come from.
  3. Agreed, I think a lot of people may not value authenticity. Well, they'll find out when their bags fall apart what's so great about real bags, soon enough !

    It seems almost shallow, like to purchase replicas and pretend that you've got something but you don't. :\
  4. Right! My whole thing is if I can't afford the real thing I'll carry something else. It totally degrades the brand, whichever it is!
  5. I think a lot of people do not realize what fakes actually do. It is not a victimless crime.

    Also, I know some buy fakes because they like the style of the fake. I find myself doing that once every blue moon where I know it's a fake on eBay, but I like the cut or something about it.

  6. Agreed.
  7. I agree. I do not actually own anything but Coach for the moment because that is all that I have found in my price range. I could have easily went and bought a couple of fake LV's but it just seems so wrong, wrong, dirty and wrong. I have never been one for fake anything. If I can't have the real thing, I really don't want it. I won't even buy anything used LVs at the moment becuase I don't know enough yet to tell the difference betweent the real thing and a fake (especially online).
  8. Does your friend even know those are fakes? I suspect with some celebrities, they just don't know any better. Like maybe their assistant or whoever picked up a bag for them and they just wear it, thinking it's authentic.

    Like others have said, some people just don't care about authenticity. Just because someone can afford it, it doesn't mean they are willing to spend that much on it. Wealthy people like to save too! A friend of my mom's was travelling in China and bought her a fake Cerise Speedy and told her that she (my mom) no longer has to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a Cerise purse. My mom thought it was a cute gesture, but she still ended up going to LV and buying a Cerise Sac Plat while the fake Speedy sits in her closet :lol:
  9. Some people buy fake bags because they don't care if it'll fall apart on them later. They can always buy another fake one. Like when I tell them that the authentic bags will last forever due to the high quality and they always reply "but I don't want to use that same bag forever!!" :suspiciou
  10. I suppose it depends on who is carrying the fake. I was at the mall today, and I saw a girl at one of the kiosks with a fake Multicolor Audra. I wondered if she even knows her bag is fake. I think there are a lot of folks out there carrying bags they purchased off eBay, and they have no idea if they're real or not. They don't know how to tell the difference, and they just take the seller's word. They just see people like Jessica Simpson carrying LV, and they want that look so badly that they're willing to take their chances on that $100 Multicolor Speedy.
  11. Yup, i agree with armcandyluvr.
    Lots of people do not do their homework at all. They see Jessica with the LV bag and they swarm to ebay, looking for that bag. I dont think they even know anything about LV at all.
    I was surfing on ebay and i almost died in my seat when i see some of the negative feedback left on some sellers. They were complaining of getting fake bags for $100 - $200... lol
    Dont want to be mean, but, we get what we pay.... Real LV for a couple hundred?? I don't think so, honey!! :biggrin: :biggrin: