Fake LV Spotting Video

  1. Well... the part about the LV being in the stitching.. that happens sometimes. IE, My Aurelia GM has an LV that is cut off. So I think that part in the video is misinforming.
  2. But the part about the prices and the location is obvious. If you see a person with his $ 50 "LV's" spread out on a blanket you should think "owwwwhhh "
  3. I hear you.

    Then again, depending on the mood of the day other thoughts that flit through the mind when seeing low life like that is "Where's the goddam police" or better still "where's a match!!" :angel:
  4. Yeah the part about the LVs being in the stitching is not true. My mini lin speedy has a lot of flowers cut off by stitching.
    Also LV bags are not handmade, only the custom-ordered bags are.
  5. You can't say that LV bags are not handmade, since almost 50% of the production of a bag is handmade. It may not sound as much, but when you think of how much they sell and have to produce - I thinks it's great they aren't just using machines..
  6. i think they are just talking about the LV's not the flowers or other designs
  7. That video is such a joke. :yucky: