Fake LV of the day

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  1. This clever piece of junk popincourt:


    The photos show the telltale ridiculous "swatch" hanging from a string on the shoulder strap. They even have the nice fake receipts and claim to have paid $800 for it on eluxury. Liar.

    It actually made me so mad that after I reported it to eBay, I sent the seller a message saying "what a shame to have paid $800 for a bag that is so clearly fake." I know, I'm such a ***** :lol:
  2. Great thing you did that. I always report fakes to ebay whenever i am bored. Great deed of the day i like to think! lol :nuts:
  3. and to think, if they had only taken the dumb swatch off...they probably would have gotten away with it!
    actually if ebay doesn't end the auction, they just might :amazed:
  4. The worst part is that garbage has 24 bids! :suspiciou I'm glad you reported it and sent that message to the seller :lol: What an ass.
  5. Good Job! I'm so glad you did that. I think I'll have to start doing the same. It's awful that they have a 100% feedback score too. How misleading! I have to really judge carefully about those feedback scores. People like that make me sooo mad :evil: and upset :sad: .
  6. I would never buy from any seller who has private feedback. I really don't understand why people bid on those auctions. Naive, I guess.

    I have the "report" link bookmarked in my browser, so reporting fakes is pretty easy. I reported their other fake LV, too.
  7. Oh my gosh! I feel sorry for the buyer. I hope that person knows that it's fake! :sad:
  8. Scammers suck!:evil:
  9. HAHA! Way to go, did she email you back yet?
  10. No but I kind of hope she does. I'm hoping for lots of misspelled words.
  11. LV doesn't have authenticity cards, do they? I don't remember mine coming with any...
  12. Nice job!
  13. Nice!! You're gonna have to tell us what the seller's response was if they ever wind up emailing you back. I seriously doubt it though. He/She is just a chicken sh*t!
  14. No they don't. I asked the same thing a while back. :biggrin: