Fake LV @ Marshall's?!?

  1. I stopped in Marshall's today and there it was...a fake a$$ black Monogram Satin LV with an original price tag of $175 and the Marshall's price was $99. I've always loved Marshalls and I recently got a bronze leather MK bag that I adore. Seeing that LV makes me not want to patronize them anymore. Since when have they been allowed to sell fakes? It makes me wonder about their Coach and DB (and they had TONS of DB in spring colors). I wanted to take a pic and post it but too many people were around...oh well. It ruined my day! Has anyone else seen these? It's a first for me.
  2. WHAT??? I don't believe this! Was it actually a fake, intended to look like the real thing or a "designer-inspired" bag?
  3. Maybe it was a mistake. I talked to an employee there one time and apparantly, they get quite a few shady returns with people taking a price tag from something they bought there and attaching it to some junk that they want to get rid of.
  4. That's awful!
  5. i've seen something similar. i know that stores like marshalls and tj maxx carry brands like coach and marc jacobs and occasionally fendi and other high end bags, but a few months ago i saw a coach bag there with tags and all going for a not inexpensive price (i think around $200) that was blatantly fake. the leather was ridiculously thin and plasticy, and i'm not coach expert but even i could tell this thing was the type of bag sold on the streets in chinatown. since i know that these stores also sell authentic coach bags, it kind of just turned me off purchasing anything other than clothing from these stores. i also one time saw a fendi "spy" that had an original price of about $75 for i think like $35 :tdown:.
  6. This bag was definitely intended to be LV. It had the exact LV monogram and had a fake LV price tag. What was shocking was the so called original price and discounted Marshall's price tag. No way could this have been a shady return. If so, I don't see how.
  7. That is so weird! I have never seen a fake at Marshalls.
  8. the coach bag i saw had the coach tag as well-and then on the coach tag were all these weird chinese language stickers. that's not to say fakes are rampant at these types of stores. i love my high end clothes/items, but i'm also an avid bargain-hunter and have been going to these stores for literally all of my life, and these are the only fakes i've ever seen. still-i'd be careful.
  9. I believe it! I recently saw a fake Balenciaga at Marshalls and it was definetly a mirror image except the inside tag didn't have a serial number on it....it was appalling! I brought it up to the register and told them but they probably just put it back on the shelves when I left. I wonder how the bag ended up in the store though because it didn't look brand new.
  10. Nah, I worked there on the weekends throughout college and you wouldn't believe the type of things we were forced to take back. We used to be told to be more accepting of the returns even if they were nasty. Every once in awhile I would get a little victory over some unscrupulous person trying to pass off a knock off as an expensive bag, but most of the time the managers would just slap a ticket on it and tell us to put it back out there. :cursing:
  11. wow..how terrible
  12. OMG!!! I never would've imagined a fake ending up there....wow!
  13. Wow. I guess it's true: "let the buyer beware."
  14. Freaky. I would never have imagined that happening unless it was a case of a person buying a designer bag there and then returning a fake.
  15. I know people who have bought a lot of Coach bags there and I did question the prices they paid because they seemed so cheap, but since I am not into Coach I never gave it a thought. Now I wonder if some of the bags could be fake???? They would die if they were......