Fake LV in the LV Boutique!

  1. Im in Vegas right now, so I hit up the boutique (just to look and drool) I look to my left and what do I see? 3 LADIES CARRYING FAKE SPEEDYS WITH FEET!!!. I almost screemed! I poked my husband and said "those 3 ladies have 3 fake speedys, and theyre here in the lv boutique" The SA was talking to them, like it was nothing.

    I figured the ladies didnt know their bags were fake OR they knew and thought it would be "funny" to go into a LV boutique with a fake bag.

    There was a lady next to me, and she mentioned it also. She had a White Multicolor Audra, and I compimented her on it (its gorgeous irl) and she complimented me on my Speedy 30 (she said she was coming in to buy a speedy, and I sold her on it! I felt proud lol)
    But seeing the fakes really made me mad. because we all pay a lot of money for our bags, and take pride in them. Then someone buys a fake for 30 bucks, and totes it around like theres nothing wrong ugh! Sorry just wanted to vent.
  2. I guess theirs no shame in their game. Gross I would just laugh and make them feel out of place.
  3. Don;t even tell me your at the Wynn LV!! I love that hotel its the best in Vegas!!!
  4. im surprised that the sa didnt confiscate their bags, or make them leave...
  5. what a relief that the boutique isnt selling them, these people have no shame
  6. yack. i dont know how people can do that. i have a close friend with a speedy thats a similar shape to a pop and its so bad, she walks around with it like shes so proud and i just cringe.
  7. LOL they either have major balls or are totally clueless to be walking into LV with a fake. People are funny!
  8. Crazy, lol. On another note I saw a lady with a real Aurelia GM, white at Nordstroms Cafe the other day and it is so awesome IRL, carried. :drool:
  9. totally OT but OP I love your avatar pic
  10. EEEEK that's bad.
  11. LOL everytime i'm in vegas, i see that happen! it's so funny!
  12. WOW...what nerve!!!
  13. I wonder if the SAs are trained to deal with situations where they are confronted with fakes in the store and the polite way to handle it?.....Do they ignore it or try to persuade them to buy a real one?? hmmmm........
  14. Some people .... (rolls eyes)
  15. I've seen so many people with fakes on the boutique it is really funny they have no shame