Fake LV in Blades of Glory-too funny!

  1. The new Will Ferrell movie about ice skating is coming out soon, and in the movie one of the pairs team does a "ghetto" routine. Guess what they're wearing-fake LV.:yucky:

    The preview picture cracked me up, I had to share it here.


    I think this will show it at a larger size: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v452/jmfunnyface/bladsofglory-1.jpg
    Looks funny!
  2. OMG is that GOB from Arrested Development? HA!
  3. Ugh! I HATE how Lvs becoming associated with ghetto.. STAY AWAY fergie and other rapper/hip hop kinds. :crybaby: I'd rather see Paris with LV than any of those.
  4. I agree! I"m not sure how it became ghetto but it is definately becoming ghetto fabulous.
  5. OK, I think that picture is TOO funny :p
  6. Haha, ghetto fab! :sick:
  7. Ew.
  8. lmao. the ghetto timberland-iceskates crack me up.
  9. I am sure the show is hillarious..but why LV??

  10. I totally agree!! lol :yucky:
  11. You guys, I think they are making fun of that, satirizing it.
  12. I dont see how fergie is ghetto...she is a whole hell of a lot classier than paris.
  13. Apparently it is supposed to be a comedy. Although, I have seen ensembles like that IRL. Classy.
  14. Hillarious! HA! HA!
  15. that pic is disgusting to me:sick: