Fake LV in a 2nd-hand store :(

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  1. This weekend I took some clothing to a 2nd-hand store where they give you $$ on the spot for name-brand clothing that's in good condition, well cared for, that sort of thing. I have a problem wearing clothing maybe a handful of times and then it ends up getting lost in my closet!

    My mom was with me and she was walking around the store as I met with the owner and she calls me over to their accessories section. Of course, fake LV, Fendi, and D&G! I had my mono Wapity with me and did a quick comparison on materials for fun and wow, just as expected it was pretty obvious "which one of these was not like the other." And the prices were high! All of the handles were threading, there was an Alma with no vachetta on the bottom, the plastic hangy-thing, etc. There was a fake Luco Tote, fake Musette, and the Alma was priced at $80 if I remember correct. This store caters to younger gals at area schools and all I'm thinking is, wow, some unsuspecting girl is going to spend $80 of her baby-sitting money to buy this pile of garbage. :sad:

    They had some Coach items there -- real and fake. And they were marked as such. So I was thinking, does the owner think that these LVs are real? Obviously she knows that some of her other bags are real and fake.

    Anyway, just wanted to share. It's a slow day at work!
  2. I seriously hope the store owner didn't think they were real. There was a thread here about someone who unwittingly bought a fake on eBay and gave it to a thrift shop. Someone defended the practice of donating fakes and said it wasn't her problem if the subsequent buyer couldn't tell the difference between real and fake. Ugh.
  3. Let the owner know it is against the law to sell fakes and that you just wanted to warn her in case someone turns her in to the authorities. That might be enough to get her to pull the junk off the shelves.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I was thinking about saying something, but it can be a touchy subject. Rarely do I ever see a real bag around town, and a lot of it is ignorance or not being educated on products, fakes, economics, etc. A few ladies that work with my mom have commented on my bags saying, "Oh I would never pay that much when I can get something that looks just as well, but way cheaper." To purse lovers, it's way more than just looks! It's LVoe! :smile: Also a lot of ppl around here can't afford many luxuries so me saying something may be offensive because I have these fancy bags that others may want, but can't have. :sad:

    I am stopping by there this afternoon with another load of spring/summer goods so I'll test the water and see. I'm such a wuss though! But you are all right -- it is the right thing to do.
  5. wow... we have a plato's closet here... and they have fake LV aLLLLL the time!!! It's soooo lame, it's almost a turn off to take my designer clothes there if they will be on the same display as a fake LV... lol

    I would warn them... and then tell the authorities! lol
  6. Do you know if the owner knows the bags are fake??
    Thats not right that they are selling fakes , I would hate to think people are being told they are real or anything you know?
  7. what a disgrace...deffinately tell her! dont let her get away with it!
  8. I donated a fake LV (my husband bought it for me due to a frienemy insisting I'd want it!) and seriously did not even THINK about indicating inside that it was fake. It was a pretty obvious fake (it was an Alma and the bottom had monogram, not vachetta) but I still feel bad about that. :sad:
  9. thats bad...