Fake LV hair accessory? Fake jewelry?

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  1. One of my coworkers insists all of her stuff is genuine but she has this one hair tie that I really think is fake.

    It is black plastic and curves. There is a pony tail holder on it. It has clear rhinestones that say LV.

    I told her I had never seen it before and I asked her when she got it. She said it was "old". She then guessed it was from the late 1990s. I wasn't into LV then, but I always thought the hair cubes were the start of the LV hair accessories.

    Another coworker suddenly had LV jewelry. Her mother does work at the Macy's in Heralds Square, so she can get LV at a discount. She had on a necklace... I think it was a diamond lock. She also had diamond earrings that formed LV symbols.

    Any ideas on whether or not these could be fakes? I'm just curious, because both have talked to me about allowing me to resell items of theirs. I am thinking if they'll buy a fake once, who is to say they won't have bought even more.
  2. Please repost this question in the authenticate this thread located at the top of the forum, thank you ! :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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