Fake LV at Starbucks

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  1. I know there are couple of threads on this topic already. But I just wanted to share, when I was waiting in line at Starbucks this morning, I saw a girl paying at the register carrying a very fake surly looking Tivoli GM wannabe. The bag looked very plasticky, The handles weren't adjustable, the zipper was cheap looking (with the zipper end tap sticking out!) The bag was missing the feet. Get this, the bag has a gold plate in the middle. I think the counterfeiter is trying legitimize their fake bags by adding a gold plate.

    I know it's not nice to stare, but I just couldn't take my eyes off her poor fake LV!
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  2. eww...never will understand the purpose of carrying a fake bag....
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  3. Me neither. My sister in law doesn't care if her bags are fake, nor does she have the desire to purchase anything authentic. My guess is people don't realize what counterfeit purchases promote.
  4. I'm curious -- if your sis in law doesn't care if her bags are fake, then why does she want that bag to begin with? like you want the fake to make it look like you have the real right? why not just get a normal, regular bag, ie. not LV or whatever in your price range, then waste $$ on fake stuff?
  5. Sigghhh...one can only wonder when counterfeiting will all come to an end. But we can always hope. :smile:

  6. To be honest, I have no idea... Maybe it's to get the "look" without paying the price? I never understood it, myself.
  7. and the people with the fakes think we are stupid for purchasing authentic...
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  8. at least that's what they say....it could be their way of justifying their bad choices, or maybe it's their pride talking?
  9. This past weekend I saw a Vernis Neverfull with a gold plate on the front. :wtf::tdown:

    I'm just curious what the thought process is when one buys such a horrid fake?!
  10. I saw two really bad fakes lately:

    1) At work I saw a neverfull with a leopard print lining

    2) At the store I saw a Azur Damier Tote with plaque, tassle on the corner, gold chain on 2/3 of the handle and the top part of the handle had azur damier instead of leather.
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  11. I saw a guy with a fake LV messenger while I was hanging around outside my lecture theatre yesterday. I don't think it was a direct copy of an existing authentic style, it looked like a sad cross between an Abbesses and a Messenger Beaubourg. I think the guy caught me staring directly at it as he was walking towards me. I couldn't help myself. Then this morning at the same place and at almost exactly the same time I saw him walk past me with it again! I hope this is not something I will have to endure looking at on a regular basis.
  12. you also have to think about that some of those people might actually think the bag is real. i had a fake that i carried once until i found out it was fake. it is still the BEST fake i've ever seen. not everybody with fakes makes a conscious decision to carry a fake. on some of the fakes, i have no idea why anybody would think they were real, but it does happen.
  13. ewww, anything fake sucks! I hate seeing fake LV and using the real one around them makes me feel awkward.
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  14. I saw a girl with a bucket bag on the ground outside at starbucks and gasped- how could you put a LV in on the ground --until I realized it was a fake!!.
  15. Exactly! Why spend money on a terrible looking fake bag? I'd rather spend the money to get a decent "no name" or non luxury brand bag.
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