Fake Luella Giseles?

  1. As far as I understand there is a several fake Luella Giseles out there (e.g. on eBay). I am of course looking for an authentic one, what should I be aware of to spot fakes? Is there any sellers that you know sell the real deal?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Is there a Saks Off Fifth near you? The one that was here seemed to always have one or two in stock. If you can't find one and must buy off eBay, why don't you post the auction here before you bid and maybe someone will help authenticate it for you.
  3. Thanks you for your answer, I live in Norway so it's a long way to a Saks store for me...:smile: Good idea about the auction, I will post it here if I am doubtful about the authenticity.
  4. I agree, don't go straight to ebay, there are still a few fakes around. My friend bought a Luella Stevie on ebay and it was a fake.

    I told her it was before she bought it - good thing she only paid about $200 for it I suppose...
  5. hahaa

    when you pay only for $200 for it, you shouldn't expect the real McCoy