Fake Louis in School


Sep 13, 2005
This is teh first time I am posting something, so here we go.
This happened to me like 4 days ago. I am currently taking a winter course in a community college around my house. Well on Tuesdays, some sellers come and put up their goods on display. To my surprise, this one lady had many purses! So I went to look. Guess what I found? 5 Fake Louis Vuitton! I was in shock. How can someone do that? I asked the lady about the purses, and her response was they are all authentic. Guess what the price was $35.00. Can you believe that. So I continued to pin point the things that made the purse fake, and she said, well, good that you know, but who cares! Who cares, I care, (and I know all of you guys do!) So at the end she still stay selling her fakes.:sad2:
Sick... Makes me so mad.. People really don't care if they're buying fakes.. Like some of my friends just tell me "why do you buy authentic bags, they're so much more more expensive??". Well DUH!! :mad:
two girls in front of me in my PR class today were bragging to each other about their fake bags.

i wanted to bop both of them in the head with my real one.
Report it! When I went to school, I couldn't stand that fact that people were allowed to sell goods on campus. It was mostly shoddy, yet trendy items that you could only sell at a swapmeet. I think it is taking advantage of young people who might not know better.
Believe me I did!!!!! The main office is located right next to it. I spoke to a secretary about the fact that she shouldn't be selling fakes, because they were counterfeits. Guess what was her response," Do you have any proof"! I was flabbergasted!!!! So I left and I came back, this time spoke to a dean. He said that he was going to check the merchants from now on.
man, SSDD. there are people with extensive booths of fake Kate Spade to fake Chanel on my campus. I reported it through Coach's website, but if that woman is back selling that crap this year, I'm writing to whoever's in charge at UCF.
What's so disgraceful about your experience is that the seller was actuaaly representing that the bags were authentic!!! And then didn't even care that you caught her/him!!! Of course, how could anyone believe that if they were priced at $35.00? So, they either were "hot", which is illegal to sell and/or buy, or they were counterfeit, which is also illegal to sell and/or buy. I live in the Midwest and I've never heard before that college campuses allow essentially street vendors to come onto campus to sell goods. You should check to see if the college is getting any kind of a fee from the vendor?
I hate when girls say there bags are real when they are not! I go to nyc this summer I def. want to get a burberry or a chanel maybe a juicy purse and if u get them in nyc in the REAL stores then there not fake duh! But these girls get them from people who are selling them off the street like drugs!! I cant stand that its wrong..