fake louboutins... they DO exist!

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    this ebay seller tried selling a fake balenciaga indigo city bag so i was curious to see if the bag got relisted, and i can't believe i saw this:


  2. hmm...with the super high prices these shoes go for, i can't say i'm suprised.

    i'm guessing the sole with no 'Louboutin" gave it away, huh?
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    These are the websites you should watch out for;
    And there are many more that I can't remember.
    But always read their policy. This one from the first link
    Our website cannot give a full refund for non-quality problems such as:
    “The product does not look like the ones in your picture.”
    “The product is not what I’d imagine it to be.
    “I am not satisfied with this product.”
    ”I didn’t realize before placing order that the items you sell are superior replica ones.”
    In 7 days (from the date products were received), if you request returning the purchased items because of the reasons above, you need to send back to us the products in original package (you will pay the shipping fees). When we receive the products sent back intactly, besides the shipping fees, we will also deduct a certain amount of handling fee based on your order total amount and give you a partial refund.
  4. Hi!
    Please don't link to counterfeits, we don't prefer to give them free advertising ;)
    Please find our CL Forum for CL topics :tender:

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