Fake Louboutins ... has it really come to this?

  1. OK. I smell a rat:




    Both selling NIB CLs for a fraction of retail.

    Real? Fakes?

  2. Louboutins4less- Cant believe people are willing to pay that much for stock pictures for a seller who has no feedback who accepts paypal but shipping is 14 days.
    So that is time to get the payment, transfer it out into a bank and disapear! And they only registered on the 14th august- seems a bit to good to be true!
  3. Jen, a friend and I have reported his auctions multiple times, yet eBay keeps on letting him list. Clearly, he is probably from ioffer and going to run off w/ the money! I really didn't think people would bid, but I guess I underestimated the stupidity of the eBay world.

    If you can all report the auctions as well, that might help? Probably not, but worth a shot. These people are dumb for bidding, but I really will still feel bad when he/she does run off w/ their money.

    Also, snowwhite, ummmm yeah accepts offers of $150. They are supposedly based out of Columbus, Ohio (incidentally where I lived b/c I went to Ohio State for undergrad). I have never reported them though because it looks like the shoes they are SHOWING are authentic , but I'm not familiar w/ the Bruges line as I didn't buy them. I'm 99% positive the ones he/she actually sends are fakes. Who the hell can get new Louboutins for $150 period, especially Bruges? LOL And, the people that are buying them have no frickin clue. They probably don't have any other Louboutins and don't know that they are getting fakes. All of them continue to leave glowing feedback.
  4. tacky!!!!
  5. Ugh. Like the people who have been selling fake Marc Jacobs mouse shoes...there are subtle differences in them that most inexperienced buyers won't notice. Sad, really, when you have to make fake designer shoes.
  6. the louboutins4less guy HAS to be a scam. he has no actual pics and can get the shoes in any size? yeah, right. i doubt he's even selling fakes...just taking the money and running.

    snowwhite9958 i'm not sure about...i actually almost bought that nation ltd. shirt from her, but then didn't at the last minute. her shoe doesn't match the description (no way that's the 5 incher), but the shots are detailed and do look authentic...BUT she also sells the infamous mj mouse flats AND the old loub espadrilles which were faked left and right when they were popular last summer. i have a feeling she mixes goods and that's how she has such stellar feedback.
  7. ^I agree, whenever someone says they can get any size in a certain shoe, I run far far away from them.
  8. Unfortunately there have been fake shoes being sold on eBay and elsewhere for a long time. It used to be mostly Manolos, but I think CL has eclipsed Manolo now in general popularity, so I guess the counterfeiters are doing those more now.


    Yeah, I would definitely run far and fast from Mr. I can get them in any size :rolleyes:. The other one, not quite sure, but it seems off to me.
  9. A few days ago, I posted a comment about sellers not responding when I ask for pictures. I was really surprised that people bid it up so high even though there was only a small stock picture on the auction. I've seen this numerous times. I was like, "IS THIS FOR REAL???" I also suspect that the seller probably bids it up as well.

    And oh, I hate iOffer. Is that even legal???? I mean, the only things you can find on that site is fake stuff. I am surprised that companies haven't brought up law suits against it already!
  10. ^^^I saw that thread. I will sometimes use stock photos in my auction just to show the item better, but I ALWAYS have pictures of the actual item too and even then, I put the stock photo at the bottom.

    Today, a seller only had a stock photo and I asked them to provide me with a photo of the item along with a piece of paper with their username and they did it immediately. So, louboutin4less clearly has something to hide. Cynthia hit it on the nail and that guy is going to run off with those buyer's money for sure!

    I have reported several of his auctions for the last 2 days and Ebay hasn't yanked them yet. I don't know what crack they are smoking and how they are allowing somebody to get away with this???
  11. Chanel and Hermes were taking down auctions on ioffer but they are at it again so maybe they gave up :cursing:
  12. This is absolutely awful. I cannot believe that people are stupid enough for bidding on louboutins4less auctions. That guy is obviously going to steal their money and never send anything. This is what kills me about ebay, they will allow these poor people get scammed by these con artist sellers, but honest sellers get selling restrictions when they are selling genuine authentic merchandise.

    As far as fake Louboutins on ebay - I have seen them out there, especially last seasons espadrilles. There were several fake espadrilles posted recently, one of the main giveaways in these shoes is the size stamp, they were marked as 37.5 and not 37 1/2 as they should be.
  13. ^^And I forgot to add that those espadrilles were never even produced in half sizes.
  14. I think the companies should sue iOffer directly.
    I think iOffer had fake stuff from the beginning and never did or tried to do anything, not even to the extent of what ebay has done. Facilitating illegal activities, IMO, and it is a serious crime if I am not mistaken.
  15. I had to look on eBay, and all I can say is, "Wow!" Buyer beware. Stuff like this is why I don't deal with eBay much anymore.