FAKE!!! Look at what it sold for on ebay!!!

  1. :cursing::cursing::cursing:I am so upset right now--i just can't stand seeing people DUMB enough to buy things on eBay that obviously FAKE!!! Even more, I can't believe what this fake bag sold for on eBay!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. There is no link...
  3. Ooops...hold on let me add the link.
  4. I was one of those dumb people once. At least I got my money back.
  5. Well aren't I dumb, I was so upset I forgot to paste the link before I close the eBay page but the bag ended up selling for 145.94$!!! It was a tote style bag that was pretending to be this Coach scarf print tote
  6. I can't believe it has 24 bids when it is obviously fake. I don't blame people when the bags are belieable but this one and the one i mentioned above are obviously fakes.
  7. I feel bad for the buyers but at the same time I feel that they should do their research too. There are soo many fakes out there and while I report some, there are too many to report. I never bought a coach bag off ebay until I knew what to look for and how to spot fakes.
  8. me too. Before I buy any Coach on ebay, I always go to the Coach store and look at the real one or I have to at least know what an authentic bag of that style should look like. I think a lot of people are too trusting of sellers on ebay! Even some reputable sellers on ebay sometimes sneak in fakes amongst their real bags. Just because you once bought an authentic bag from a particular seller doesn't mean that seller always sells authentic.
  9. Crikey! Look at the description too - "there is a couple things wrong with this bag there is a pocket on the inside and in the pocket there is a small hole something not noticeable also on that pocket where its suppose to zip the zipper is missing also at the bottom of the bag on the outter line of it there is a few scratches "

    (...and there is the small knif hole were my BFF stabbed me while I was waerin this purse but the blood don't show...)

    I have reported this fake (below) and am really annoyed to see it still for sale. starry-eyed me, thinking that because eBay blocks me from making a revision to the title of my auction because it "is an item class that is highly subject to counterfeiting!", that they might possibly patrol for fakes when reported.

    The fabric looks like it came from the same mill as the one reported in this thread.

  10. I have come across a few listings by this seller. They are very new too! Ugh!
  11. That was great!!!!!!:smile::yes::lol::roflmfao:
  12. :throwup:
  13. So sad :crybaby: