fake Lauren Merkin??!!

  1. Holy cow, you guys will never believe this. I saw a fake Lauren Merkin bag today! WTH!!?? I had no idea the smaller lines were being knocked off!:confused1: :cursing:
  2. Where did you see it? Was it out-and-out fake or an inspired bag?
  3. I saw it on the metro in Washington, DC. IMHO it was a straight-up fake Plum bag!!!

    When I first saw it I thought, hmm, I've never seen that colour before. Then I noticed the poor quality leather and the outer pockets were a little off. I was confused for a sec before it hit me. What a bummer. Fake bags suck.
  4. I was tempted to make a comment but what is the etiquette?

    Excuse me Madam, is that a Lauren Merkin inspired bag? lol. I would expect a less-than-friendly response:wtf: