Fake Kooba?

  1. Hi, I'm just now reading all kinds of things about fake Kooba, but I just purchased one off of eBay that I believe is authentic.

    I'm stressing out here, as I paid $390.00. It's due to ship this Tuesday. I just e-mailed the seller to ask if it is in fact 100% authentic & I if I'd be able to verify with Neiman Marcus, for example. I have yet to hear back from her.

    Does it appear fake to anyone?

    Here's the link: eBay: Authentic Kooba Paige Bag in Bourbon (item 150057794978 end time Nov-10-06 21:10:51 PST)
  3. It appears to be fake. I'm sorry. :sad:
    Go to the Neiman Markus website. Find the Kooba Paige, and use the zoom feature. Compare this to the sellers supersize image.
    There are pronounced differences in the straps and the rivets.
  4. I'd bet my car that it's fake. Price is too good to be true and that uniform pebbling is all wrong. The Paige has larger pebbling and coloring variations throughout. If you compare NM pics with the auction pics, it's obvious.
  5. Another dead giveaway that the bag you bought is fake is that the Userid is kept private. Not sure how you can back out of the deal, but for that type of cash, I'd tell the seller that you know for a fact the bag is fake and you will report them to eBay if they don't allow you to back out. Maybe use that as your last line of defense. Offer to pay for their listing fee and say you made a mistake. If they still insist on you paying them, then get tough on them. Maybe someone else can suggest the best way to get out of an auction after you've already committed.
  6. Ah man...that's a total fake...:crybaby: I would contact paypal and see if you could somehow freeze the funds. I mean, if you have it coming from your checking account you could contact the bank to not honor the transaction because it's up to dispute. Scary stuff. I sell and buy authentic on eBay and it's a very stressful situation to make sure you're getting the real deal. There are definitely up and up sellers on eBay but in this case, I hate to see you go through this. Wrong leather, wrong wrong wrong...Keep us posted as to what happens!!!!:confused1:
  7. I am so sorry... that is for sure a fake. The color variation in the leather gives it all away. My best advice is try to contact the pay pal directly. It is surprising how much influence their company has over the transaction. Just say that you are worried about a listing that appears fake. They don't let that stuff fly. They usually will investigate pretty quickly. Hope all works out. Hopefully the seller gets whats coming to him or her.
  8. I'm not sure if its fake but I wouldn't say the price is too cheap. The Kooba event tomorrow in NYC is having bags from $225.00. But then again, this is eBay we are talking about versuses reps from the brand...
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