Fake Kooba?

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  1. Have you received this bag yet? (Kooba Paige) I'm curious to know how the bag looks in person. I've looked at the photos and something didn't look right about it. But I haven't seen this particular bag in this particular color in person. But I did look at some of the other completed bags by this seller and the Gingers that he had were fake. I know that bag very well as I own a black Ginger. I also find it very suspect that the seller would take $250 for an authentic Ginger since they are $635 and a current Fall 06 bag. So, I'm a little suspicious of this Paige. The tag is correct (folded as it should be) but I don't know that they counterfeiters aren't doing the folded tag now. This is a bag that you'll probably just have to see in person to know if its real or fake. But most sellers do not mix fake bags with real ones so I'm leery. It also seems strange to mix auto parts with designer handbags. Please let me know what you find out about this bag.

    Please see my Kooba guide on Ebay if you haven't read it yet for a little more info:
  2. Ask where this seller purchased the bag. If they say they have a "supplier" then its fake. Authentic Koobas are purchased from authorized retailers (small boutiques to large stores like Neiman Marcus) or from Kooba. Find out where they got the bag.
  3. Hi, Christi -

    I sent you a personal e-mail earlier, too. Having had experience with e-bay, since they haven't shipped yet, is there some way to cancel the purchase before shipping? I left the seller an e-mail earlier today asking if I'd be able to authenticate it at Neiman's, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

    I used a credit card through paypal. Any ideas?
  4. So sorry, I didn't receive the email on this bag. Sometimes they get lost in email-land. This is a tough call because I think this may be one of the new textured fake bags. But I can't be 100% certain but I think this leather is supposed to look like the Terraine and it definitely does not. Bumps look too uniform. Since you paid with Paypal, I think you will be fine but I would try to work it out with the seller first. Tell the seller that you WILL be taking it to have it authenticated and you will want a FULL refund including S&H if its fake so he/she must be CERTAIN the bag is authentic before sending to save you both some trouble. Let them know that if they are honest with you that you will be reasonable. If they know the bag is fake they would probably rather not send it. Do you have an authorized retailer near you? If you do not, don't tell the seller, you can worry about that later. If you can get me some really good photos of the bag I'll help you any way I can (close up of leather and seams & stitching). Don't threaten the seller until you have to - be nice. You can always be less nice later. Send me an email christid2303@aol.com if you have any questions or if I can be of any further help. Good luck! Christi