Fake Kooba Sienna I returned for a refund is relisted!

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  1. About two weeks ago I posted a Kooba Sienna that I bid on in the Authenticate this bag thread. Everyone who posted commented that they felt the bag was probably fake. I ended up receiving the bag and knew right away that the bag was not authentic- the leather felt dry and cheap, it smelled awful, etc. Still- before returning the bag I wanted to VERIFY that it was def. a replica-- first I took photos myself and posted them here, again, all who replied said the bag was a fake-- next, I contacted the author of the eBay guide "spotting a fake kooba" whom I paid $2 to authenticate the bag, and she found that is was a replica. I also visted both Neiman Marcus and Saks to check out Kooba (I wasn't familiar with the brand) and the quality of the bags was so far beyond what I received from this seller. So I returned the bag to the seller for a refund knowing 100% that the bag is not authentic. I checked eBay today because I am still looking for an AUTHENTIC ivory sienna-- and I saw the bag I just returned!!!! She relisted it! Same exact text and photos! After basically even admitting to me that it was fake when I requested a refund!!! I'm just so irritated with this and I would hate for someone else to get stuck with this fake bag! I want to contact the bidder but the bidders ID are private

    Here is the link to the auction:


    All of that stuff she has written about her liberal return policy and how she doesn't deal in fakes was there on the original auction that I won btw. I haven't left her feedback yet either because I'm not even sure what to say. The seller is extremely nice and gave me a prompt refund-- but I'm so disappointed with the auction because the bag was fake! I'm just so mad that she is selling it again as a real Kooba Sienna. :cursing: It is so frustrating!!!!:cursing:

    (Mods- I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the ebay forum, please move if I picked the wrong forum!)
  2. Wow. That's quite the story. Glad you were able to hopefully work things out. :smile: Make sure you report this to Ebay. I think they have a special dept. for fakes & frauds. I am not sure how to do it. But I have seen it before. Good luck.
  3. That seller is full of s---! I haven't had the bad luck to buy anything from her, but I was watching a Chloe I decided was fake-- she protests so much that her stuff's real!:throwup:
  4. I reported it as a fake. Sick of her.

    Next time, look at the uniformity of the leather. That bag is the same texture, same pattern of wrinkles throughout. Authentic Ivory Koobas are usually lamb and have an irregular, almost pimple-y appearance. It's harder to see in white--probably why there are so many white fakes!
  5. Thanks! I reported it! Theres a "report this item" link at the bottom of the listing. It probably won't matter, I don't know if ebay ever does anything about that!
  6. Thanks!

    It is hard to tell with the ivory from just pictures but I'm def. getting better at it, seeing it in person confirmed any doubts I had, it's poor quality and cheapo leather!
  7. Yea, the black Lucy that I got refunded for because it's FAKE is being relisted as well!:tdown:
  8. I reported the first too......CynDZ I see the fake Lucy auction has been ended "because the item is no longer available"
  9. These people are disgusting.:cursing: The sellers, not y'all.
  10. I reported it also. This makes me so mad. Any they get away with it, cause half the time Ebay does nothing.
  11. Thanks guys! I just wish there was a way to contact the bidder, she has the bidders id private, it wasn't private when i won her original auction! arrgghhh
  12. SpoilMeRotten maybe if you email Ebay and tell them what happened to you, they might do something. But there isnt much time left so ebay probably wont do anything. I emailed the Seller and asked if she guranteed authenticity and told her I have the bag in two other colors, and said that I planned on bidding but wanted to make sure it was authentic. Lets see if she replies.
  13. That's a good idea I will! That was clever to email her too, I am curious to see how she will reply to that! thanks for your help!
  14. I've reported it as well. It stinks when sellers blatantly try and pass off fakes as authentic bags. Grrrr.....
  15. I'm so glad you got your money back without any hassle.. I bet that was her way of avoiding negative feedback.. But it would be nice to leave her negative feedback anyways just to let other people know that she sells fakes... I know its hard to do! I wanted to leave negative on my ergo, just because the seller was rude!! But I just couldnt do it... I dont want my feedback f'ed up either... LOL I LOVE HOW EVERYONE REPORTED IT!!! LOL!! I also reported it yesterday afternoon... I just wish we could get people like this flagged or something...

    I hope that someday ebay will start screening the items for sale better...