Fake Kooba "Maria's" of Ebay

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  1. Oh, good grief. Anyone who watches the Kooba offerings on eBay has seen these horrid fakes, they are actually fake Sienna's, listed as Marias & THEY SELL! Usually for around $200.


    OMG-Does anyone else press the alert button on these sellers, or do you just MYOB?

    I mean ratting on people just is against my nature, but seeing people ripped of is also!

    Here's some completed listings-this guy is making money off crap!

  2. Oh, and on the completed listings, there are some real Maria's, and the fakes are selling for almost as much!
    This just chaps my hide, I tell you. :mad:
  3. Rosen, report that guy! I am serious, those buyers are being duped.
  4. I have reported sellers like this in the past and reporting just a few of their auctions took down the whole sha-bang of listings.

    This guy is just a criminal. Wow, that Fake Fake Sienna was called a Braedon and a Maria in the same auction...LOL I guess he's making use of "keywords".
  5. Or, he's (or she) is just plain ignorant.

    Sorry to rant, but it's people like this that ruin eBay for honest buyers and reputable sellers. I have kooba maria on my favorites and get notified everytime one is listed, so I've been inundated lately!
  6. Shouldn't alarm bells go off if the seller doesn't even know the name of the bag?? (or doesn't care if the bag is listed incorrectly?)

    Was going to go into a rave about how buyers should do their homework before shopping on eBay, when I stopped in my tracks and saw myself last year, happily buying an Ivory Sienna with no inkling it wasn't the real deal...(I mean, the price itself should have been a warning sign, it went for $200..)

    So I guess that's the sad bit, seasoned Kooba buyers (like us:graucho:) know what to look for (honestly, I'm only kidding, I bet I could be duped again, but maybe not so easily..) but anybody fairly new to Kooba (and ebay) will fall for this..

    Mind you, you should have seen the replica I got, it was identical, just something about the leather that didn't feel right (I was lucky she took it back)
  7. I reported this particular auction, I just couldn't stand it. Others should report it too.
  8. Wow, I've heard the fakes are getting harder & harder to spot-they are even using the bumpy leather on the fake Ada's. Good thing you got your money back! Do you keep track of the seller?

    Many newbies just like the look of the bag even the fakes have the bare bones of the style. I'd email all the bidders, but it's auction interference, so all I can do is keep an eye on the listings & report them. (which I did)
  9. Rose, VIPFashions has a nice Maria up for a decent price.

    Oh, I think even the best of us could get duped by ebay and fake Koobas. Like Maggie says, sometimes it has to be in your hands to be able to tell. That's why I am so hard on low feedback sellers. It's not that they all sell fakes but I can't risk money like that and if you don't show all the proper pics, it's a risk I won't take.
  10. Yep, I agree.
    I really took a chance that my Maria would be what the pics showed, and the seller was fairly new..(but at least from the US. )

    I can track em down & get revenge if fairly local, lol.

    I noticed she also has another Maria up, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again.
    New York has a lot of sales, and that's where she's located.

    VIP is a great seller, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from. I'm considering a black Sienna or Maria, so I'm still looking....
  11. Rose, I am pretty sure the Apricot line was put out just for the Asian market...LOLOL
    Those Tri-Koobas are Priceless and so very rare. Where else can you find a Sienna, Maria, and Braeden all wrapped up in one. China Kooba makers KNOW what we want!
  12. OMG-you crack me up...:rolleyes:
  13. You guys are such a hoot. *s
  14. More "Marias" have just been listed tonight... the seller has their hands on 18 of them. Imagine that! Here's a link to one of the auctions...

    Kooba "Maria"

    Please help out by reporting these auctions...

    Report Counterfeit Auction