Fake Klara/Mizi

  1. Out of curiosity, has the Klara or Mizi ever been duplicated?? I can honestly count on one hand the number of times I've seen these bags IRL. I saw the Klara 1x and the Mizi 2x, all in the Mono Canvas. Is there any particular reason why? :shrugs: I would think that since it was a limited edition, that the fakers would be duplicating these like crazy! (I've seen some REALLY ugly Macha Waltz's on Ebay.) :throwup:
  2. Have you tried looking on eBay?! That's where all the fakes are!!!:nuts:
  3. I've seen some fakes- the black leather ones are pretty bad but the mono ones actually look very real- heck, they already have Lockit fakes:
    M40104.jpg n gbv n  vcmn.jpg
  4. I've seen some bad fakes, not that many though.
  5. wow.. i guess i just haven't seen them around... oh well, so much for hoping i would have an 'original bag' LOL!! i really really haven't seen them on canal st. yet though... :nuts:

    er.. ok.. nvm.. i just went on ebay to look and i just saw a really ugly one.:Push: i'm no expert.. but it really doesn't look that good. :throwup: thanks for the tip, LV_addict!
  6. I think since the whole mizi craze began a few months ago, I've only seen two real ones on eBay (mono) and three Viennas.:sad:
  7. I bought my Mizi from the boutique but I have seen fakes on ebay before

    I've never seen a Klara fake but only because I don't think I have ever done a search for one.

    Be very careful buying a discontinued bag that you cannot go to the boutique to study what a real one looks like. Especially on ebay. You should know the bag inside and out so that you can easily detect a fake.

    I think I paid like $1400 or so for my Mizi (I can check the receipt)
  8. I've seen fake Mizis on ebay and I was sick to my stomach.

  9. No way? ^^^ Already? That really ticks me off. :censor: :rant:
  10. Here you go, a fake Mizi and fake Kiara from the ehbestfashion.com website.:censor:
    M40058.jpg M40057.jpg
  11. I actually just recently won a Klara off ebay! I brought it to the LV store today, and the Manager said it was definately real :yahoo: . Prior to winning the auction, out of paranoia, I also emailed Caroldiva.com and Mypoupette.com and they both said it looked authentic. So I'm a really really happy camper today!! lol!! :love:
  12. hmm.. i think the gathers on my Klara look more.. fuller? It looks different somehow... :shrugs:
  13. I got my Mizi off eBay with the help if LV_Addict and Lee69. I was soooooo scared. I also checked it out with MyPoupette.
  14. Lucky you, then, kookie!
    Most times, the fakers can't get that style just right. They can't get the folds in the canvas to be exactly like they should be and that's kind of a giveaway. Also, the vachetta tends to be wrinkled, from what I've seen.
  15. The Mizi is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the dark leather one!! :love: