fake kate spade right?

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  1. I don't know that I've ever seen one quite so...furry. But it does appear to be fake to me. The notches in the label are wrong. You can see what it's supposed to look like here:

    Also, I don't think there is a thread on Kate, so i'm missing it too if there is one!
  2. Oh dear, the bag's label looks good to me. Never seen a lining like that in a sam before however. Is there a tag inside the pocket, a tiny tag? Several women that are extremely knowledgeable post on the Shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories Board on eBay. I would want to have several opinions on this bag. [Mine isn't worth much on this bag!]
  3. there is a tiny made in usa tag in the pocket that i had not noticed before. too bad the bag in this condition probably isn't even worth the time to discuss it. still fun though :p
  4. IMHO, the tag looks off to me. The threading doesn't look as even as the link that you posted for authentic Kate Spade labels. I had one of these bags (well, the black Sam a long time ago) and the inside doesn't look right either. My guess is it's a fake. But I cannot be 100% sure, especially in this condition.

    It could also be just a really old Kate Spade, too.
  5. Exactly, it could be old. I have a number of Kate Spades, some have the old flag tag, some have the new black tag, some have no pocket tag at all. One has plain round feet it is so old. Appearing to have suede lining in a Sam? That is strange. I have never heard of a suede Sam before! I sold a KS with a funky tag I had looked at on the eBay board and it was okay so the tags do vary somewhat. Oh, very few leather KS have a fabric tag.

    OP, post this to the eBay board. Elviscostellofan and some really good KS people check that board regularly.