Fake Jimmy Choos Please Help!!

  1. Hello
    Soooo, I've gone and bought some Jimmy Choos from ebay and suprise suprise they're fake (really really really badly fake). Im now in a dispute with the seller and paypal who have asked me to get a reputable confirmation that they're fake. Can anyone point me in the right direction? From my own sleuthing I know they're fake - the seller didnt give a model name for shoe and the one on the box is a totally different shoe to the shoe with that name in the catalog - plus the fact that they look like my 2 year old daughter made them at school
    Any help would be gratefully recieved
  2. can you upload a picture for us, and we can then try and find a picture of what they are supposed to look like ;) so that you can forward them to ebay :smile:
  3. Hi Chloe-babe
    Thanks for this, heres the pics, what do you think? The model name on the box is 'seal' (although when I asked the seller what the model name was he side stepped the question) which when I checked it out lead me to this:
    Which are nothing like the ones I bought

    Thanks again!
    JC1.jpg JC2.jpg JC3.jpg JC4.jpg
  4. ahhh you poor thing, like you, it is obvious from the finishing that these shoes are a complete fake :sad:

    Yep, from checking, like you the Seal is a completely different show!

    Aside from the NAP piccies, I have found another piccie of Rachel Weisz wearing them and they are exactly the same as the ones on Net-A-Porter. I have never seen the design that they have sent you either :sad:

    Jimmy Choo :: Jimmy Choo

    is the most obvious on the close up of the strap, the crystal finish is just nothing like the real thing is it! and the shape of the heel is just plain wrong!
  5. I know this is an old thread, but I wonder if it was resolved. I have to say that I have quite a few pairs of Jimmy Choo and these do not look fake to me. They may not be the style that was written on the box, but I am pretty sure that I have seen this style in the Jimmy Choo shop.
  6. I have just bought a pair of Jimy Choo boots on ebay, but don't think they r genuine.
    The OO's on the sole are italic, and there are not central on the sole. THe OO's inside the boot are not italic.
    There was no box with the boots as they were used. The zip along the back of the boot os stiff and on the zipper pull thing it is leather looking and no logo on it.
    The boots are pale blue denim, pointy toes and thin heel.
    I have also won a pair of Joseph boots off the same seller, but don't want to part with my money if she's already sold me a fake pair?
    Item number: 370134088321, but not sure if you would be able to see it as it's now sold?!
    please help, where do i go from here?
  7. I'm not a Jimmy Choo expert but I thought those looked genuine. Why not post in the authenticate thread on here, they can tell you more

    If you are 100% sure they're fake then you dispute with Ebay/PayPal. Wait until you get a definate answer though
  8. Sorry, I should have added Mandi101's post. It is the boots I am referring to, not the OP