Fake Jimmy Choos on ebay

  1. I just looked on there, and i saw not 1 but 2 red mahalas like mine that are clearly fake i compared them to mine. and the zippers are different colors on one. and on the other one, its too smooth looking on the back side picture. the person clearly says in the auction that they bought it from netaporter and that they hate fakers! HOW MESSED UP!
  2. Yep, almost all of the JC bags listed on eBay are fake. In fact, authentic bags are a rarity. It's really a shame - especially when these sellers claim that the bag are authentic.
  3. Not only 80% of the bags on eBay are fake and that they bring up the supply and drive down the resell value of the real deal. eBay overstocks fake bags drive down the price tag for all the real deal. C'mon 400-500 range that is a bit ridiculous. Really sad to even think about how those fakers have the guts to claim 100% AUTH/AUTHENTIC, GUARANTEED anything is real when clearly quality and markings are crap! I really think ebay needs to hire some of us to police all these impostors. But, on the bright side, we know when one is real and that to have one is simply irresistible.
  4. Yep - in the last 6 months I've seen less than a dozen authentic JC bags and accessories on Ebay UK
  5. Not to mention that it is illegal to sell counterfeit handbags. You can report fakes on this page: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/replica-counterfeit.html

    I find it easiest if I open two browser windows and copy/paste the auction numbers into the reporting form, while surfing for fakes in the other. Right now, at this moment, there are 104 Choo bags on eBay. I'd hazard a guess than not 80% are fake, but 95%+ are fakes.

    Reporting the fakes is about all you can do. The owner of the copywritten material (i.e. Jimmy Choo, Inc.) is the only one who really has the teeth to enforce it legally.

    Thank heavens we have tPF members who are pros with authentication help.

    Well, I'm off to report some fakes!
  6. There are some authentic Choo bags on e-bay, but you better know what you are looking at because even price and +feedback is not a guarantee. I have gotten a couple of authentic ones, but it makes me sick to see people bid $$$ on a fake. Do you think they know? Some of them must know and just want to have a bag they can say is real for several hundred. Sad...I've never understood that.
  7. I just reported 22 fake Ramonas. Sheesh! :cursing:

    There is, what I believe, an authentic bronze Mahala that I would like to bid on. But one can never be sure. Unless it is someone from our list, selling something I know is for real, I just may stay away. The sales are coming up, afterall. :graucho:
  8. ITA that it's around 95% that are fake. Some don't even come close to looking like the real deal (and I'm not an expert). I just don't understand paying hundreds of dollars on a fake bag. I mean, that's a lot of money for something that is of poor quality. There are plenty of nice authentic bags out there by other designers for the price of these fake bags. I've reported a lot of fake Balenciaga bags and I'm also disheartened that so many of them are never taken down by eBay because they seem to care more about getting fees than protecting the consumer.
  9. yah i m sure it is up there but conservatively speaking over 80% lemme re-explain myself.
  10. I agree with you all:censor: I reported over 30 fakes last Sunday and none of the listings were removed, so I have to wonder if they really even pay attention to the complaints:shrugs:

    When I look through the completed listings and see the buyers who pay big $$$'s for fake bags, I almost want to contact them and let them know they just purchased a fake bag, but I would end up spending every waking minute sending out messages and would have no time for tPF:cry:

    I do wish there was a better way to get rid of all the awful fake bags, but for the life of me, I can't figure how:confused1:
  11. The only real way to get rid of the fakes quickly is for the trademark/copyright holder (Jimmy Choo) to file a veRo Complaint. It takes 5 minutes to set up and then the company just sends a fax to ebay with all of the items listed. I have set it up for several of my clients and it is painless. eBay legally has to yank them pretty quickly. I don't understand why handbag designers, or designers in general, don't take more of an interest in stopping the fakes. I guess it is a cost-benefit :tdown:comparison.
  12. I was watching that same bag but the seller was sketchy in responding to emails so I didn't want to chance it.
  13. Yeah I was thinking about selling this JC clutch. The Carlotta Clutch. But i'm afraid i wouldn't get much for it because of all the fakes. :sad: