Fake item received, not sure how to proceed

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  1. I bought a Burberry scarf online, everything appeared to check out, as well as the seller has a receipt. I received the scarf today and it is NOT the one in the photo, there is a piece that is very different.

    I emailed the seller and she responded:

    Hello, I am sorry you are unhappy with the scarf. This scarf is 100% authentic and I can provide my original reciept and any other information you would like. There is a Burberry store at my local Allen mall and I can even provide you with the phone #. I understand if you are unhappy but as far as the item being authentic..It is as well as all my other items in my auctions. I sell on ebay for a living and would never sell anything but the real deal.

    I replied:

    I am not doubting you sell authentic pieces in some cases. This one, however, is a concern to me. It is not the scarf pictured in the photo. All Burberry scarves, as you, know, have a logo plastic piece between tag and scarf. Mine does not. I would like to return.

    I should add that in the pic there is one!!

    She just sent one back:

    You are more than welcome to return the item for a refund, minus my ebay fees. I am very sorry this item did not work for you and understand if it's not what you are looking for. Sent the package back and I will refund your payment through Paypal. Please still leave positive feedback for me and I will do the same.

    Tell me I'm not liable for her fees?!? And how about shipping?
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
  2. Take pictures of the scarf, save the pictures of her listing as well to compare. Your not liable for her fees if she did a switch on you. Maybe you can post them here so we can see?
  3. Ok, I have to run for dinner, but here is a quick step to what you need to do first...
    Then we will go from there.
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    Hers first.

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  5. You are going to need much better pictures than that, but once you have them post them in the AT Burberry forum. Once you've done everything as above we can get the auction removed and you can file for a full refund. You will have to pay to ship back, but at least you won't have to pay her fees for her sending you a fake.
  6. Now mine of received scarf.

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  7. I would file a paypal claim and immediately escalate to a claim and ship it back to her with signature confirmation & tracking no. Paypal will deal with it and will probably refund you the full amount but of course you will have to pay for return shipping. This happened to me with a LV item and paypal refunded me within 3 days or re-shipping with the proof of shipping. Good luck!
  8. It is definately not the same scarf. Post pics in the AT Burberry forum and have them take a look, then come back and let us know and we can walk you through what to do and help you report it to get the listing removed.
  9. She can file immediately but will need to wait for instructions to return ship to paypal. If we don't get the listing removed they could ask her to obtain a letter of non-auth, which could cost a lot of $$$.

    Post to the ATB thread first. They usually answer quickly.
  10. Thanks ladies. I have posted it over there and will let you know. I appreciate the help.

    Damn thing was to be a Christmas gift...a little belated, but I haven't yet seen the person....and will tomorrow :sad: No scarf now!
  11. i would email the seller back with the pictures from the auction, and the pictures you took and tell her that since she didn't send you what she advertised, if she does not refund you in full, you will be filing a paypal claim for SNAD.
  12. ITA, I still think she should get it authenticated though...just to be sure.

    Also, I would create a photobucket photo album with all of the photos you posted, that way you can put a link to the photos into the paypal dispute. I definately do agree that it should be SNAD because it was a different item, I just want to make sure that it is indeed fake for the buyers benefit (that way she knows what she's dealing with).

    I don't like threatening a seller with "do this or I will"...it creates a bad vibe and the last thing you want the seller to do is drain her account and make it even more difficult. Just explain that it was not as photographed and you are entitled to a full refund that is guaranteed by paypal buyer protection.
  13. i would be totally fooled by this, i would swear it is the same scarf...lol I am so bad authenticating anything :sad:
  14. So the only difference is the lack of the round plastic thing on the tag?
  15. Yes, karmenzsofia, that's it. Unfortunately, in this case....I'm pretty sure that is all that's needed to see it's a fake. I would never have bought upon seeing that.