Fake Isabella Fiore Audra?

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  1. Hello, my name is Julia and I just joined. I was trying to figure out if a bag being sold on eBay was authentic (which I did not think it was) and came across your wonderful forum. :smile:
    My question is: have any of you purchased a bag online that you were promised was authentic then upon receipt found out it was not? How would someone even deal with that? I just avoided it all together by not bidding.
    I wrote to the eBay seller and she swore it was authentic but I could not find ANY other IF Audra's with the tassles this one has and it just did not feel right... I could be wrong but has anyone else seen one that looks like this? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=130143697136&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=003

    I would like to purchase a REAL IF Audra but am not seeing them being sold anywhere at this point other than eBay... and I am not sure yet how to tell exactly which are REAL and which are FAKE. Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated, thank you. :smile:
  2. NM last call online still has this bag for $297 in brown and bronze.
  3. Hey the_remainder! I believe the original Audras had tassels and the newer Whipflash Audras have the braided zipper pulls with a ring on the ends.

    Though I haven't owned an Audra that has the tassels, I've seen quite a few pics of authentic ones. Try doing a search and see what you come up with... this place is an amazing resource. There isn't anything about his bag that screams "fake" to me, however it does look a little beat up and kinda dirty. It would need some TLC...

    As far as your question about what to do if you buy a fake, there are TONS of threads on this in the eBay forum. Good luck!

  4. thank you tonij2000! I will take a look at what they have, I think I want the brown one anyways so it's nice to know they have it :smile: Appreciate your response!
  5. Hi Koobalover- thank you for the tips, I am new to this site so I have not explored forums other than this purses one yet, I will look for the ebay one. I did google and google image searches for hours and found no other audra whipflash with tassles like that one had, made me nervous. The bag did look pretty dirty though :smile:
    thank you again for the tips/thoughts!
  6. You would need to go to the sale area and then do a search. If you just use the search at the top of the page, it searches for regular price items.

    Here's what I get -


    Here's the link to the Audra -

  7. thank you moogle! :smile: