Fake/inspired bags-would you buy?

  1. Do any of you own or would any of you buy a designer "inspired" bag knowingly? Say if you really like a certain look or design and cannot afford the real thing and you find a really good "inspired" version-would you buy it or not?
  2. I personally wouldn't. Just knowing it's fake..I wouldn't be excited w/ it. I'm against it!
  3. I think you will likely get a resounding "no" on this board (but I may be wrong).
  4. Actually... I purchased a "fake" LV speedy 30 overseas which measured up perfectly in terms of dimension and pattern (but it was definately fake). I then used this bag for a couple of months to make sure it was exactly what I wanted in terms of size and practicality. Once I was sure it was the right size and that I didn't want to get the 25 I then went to LV and purchased the real one.

    This saved me the headache of buying something, using it for a little while and then deciding it wasn't right for me. Expecially considering at the time I didn't have money to throw at bags that I wouldn't use.

    It turned out to be the best decision I made. I then gave the fake to a niece to play with!
  5. No. I have bought a couple before I knew what designer handbags were (I didn't know what Fendi or Coach was or that Dior and Chanel made bags). When I found out they were fake, I looked up the real thing and fell in love with the stuff they actually have. Much better quality and it's authentic was all it took for me to start buying authentic bags. Now I'm hooked.
  6. I wouldn't buy a fake bag, but I think it is ok to buy inspired bags as long as they aren't trying to pretend to be the real thing. Hopefully that makes sense. It has been a long day!
  7. Fake, NO! They're illegal, and I'm not into knowingly supporting that type of activity.

    Inspired? It depends. The fakey Paddington that Target sold just look crappy so that's a big no there. If it's just a case of using buckles in the same way, that's fine.
  8. i did own an inspired bag but i sold that after i discovered the PF and i did own a couple of fakes - but i sold those too.... after being on this forum it has made me understand that buying fakes is just a bad thing... and as for the inspired stuff - its just not the real deal... i know if its a well made inspired bag ppl cant tell BUT you know and its just a funny feeling.... I reckon saving more pennies is totally worth it and then getting the real deal.
  9. I wouldn't buy a fake but if I couldn't afford the real thing I would buy an inspired bag like from lushs because they don't put somebody leses name on.
  10. No. I just can't seem to carry it. I'd be a little embarrassed. Wondering if people are wondering if i'm carrying a phoney bag.
  11. No, it would really bother me. Plus, I've bought all my bags at retail, if you can't afford it, don't sport it.
  12. No, I'd just feel really tacky wearing it. Like those Guess bags with the upside down triangle prada-like labels?? :Push: I'd rather have a really cute no name purse and wear that instead!
  13. Nope. :noworry:
  14. Let's clarify this please.

    Fake = illegal

    Designer Inspired = legal and perfectly ok to carry

    lushfashions.com is a great site for great quality and excellent looking inspired bags. Many PF members including myself have bought from there.
  15. NO on both counts.