Fake "I'm not a plastic bag" totes

  1. I was just on eBay and, my goodness, how many fake "I'm Not a Plastic Bag' listings are there? You know some of them are fake because they're going for $20 dollars!
  2. I can also tell that they're might be fake if a seller is selling like 50 bags. Obviously they bought them in bulk on iOffer. That's terrible, because I really want one.
    How else can you tell?
  3. It's funny because I went on eBay today and they had the "I'm not a plastic bag" listed on the homepage so I decided to click on it just to see how much the bags were going for in the various listings. As far as spotting fakes the rule of thumb for me is do they show more than just the stock photo.
  4. i've seen the fakes of these. someone i know showed me a website of fake bags that stocks them. the hilarious thing is, they're being sold for $70!! i was expecting them to be $5, at the most...especially since the letters weren't even sewn-on appliqués like on the authentic; it was a ****ty screenprint!!
  5. This is terrible but typical! The low life people that make fake bags, of any designer are the scum of the earth! They can't figure out an honest way to make money, so they have to copy someone elses. Makes me sick. :tdown:
  6. They are selling fake I'm not a plastic bags on Oxford St. Took this picture with my phone the other day! :lol:
    plastic bag jpg.jpg
  7. ^I can tell that's fake...handle is longer...:sweatdrop:
  8. OMG! There are no words..... :cursing: