Fake Hermes...how can you tell??

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  1. Wow...I spoke with one of the Hermes store this Christmas when I was frantically trying to find a birkin for my sis for Christmas. I wondered about the eBay offers....and the SA'S Manager was kind to suggest to think twice. Apparently, some of the ones made in Korea are done so well that it's hard to authenticate the reals from the fakes. Surprised me...I thought the fakes are all junk....where do these people even find such fakes? With the expense to fly over, lodge and snoop one out...why not just buy a real one? So, what's up with these near authentic Korean Birkins?:tdown:
  2. Nice Try
  3. I smell [​IMG]
  4. and it doesn't smell good :yucky:
  5. Fakes from Korea are called "KORIGiNALs"...amazing isn't it....funny thing is that they can get away with it...wow!:tdown:
  6. That's unreal.....so I guess it's the smell that must give them away. The Hermes Store Manager said some gals have purchased these bags and brought them in for authenticity check. He said he was unable...he said they are a great duplicate. How can they get the same colors and leathers? So what, it's like buying a fake mercedes?
  7. yada yada yada.
  8. hello2703, I just wanted to say, I am cracking up now!
  9. hello2703; you rock! :tup:
  10. OK show of hands! Who owns a fake mercedes!?
  11. You know, I went all the way to China to get ahold of a fake Mercedes and when I took it to Mercedes in Stuttgart they couldn't tell it from the real thing! They are AMAZING!
  12. Someone was talking about Mercedes in the GD section. I must go over and tell them to make very sure that they smell their Mercedes before buying it.

    They might decide to buy a Hummer or something.
  13. Hi there! We do not promote fakes here, and most of all, we don't like to tip off those making profits off of fakes as to how we know that they suck. So , please post any bags that you are concerned about in our Authenticate This Thread so we can help. TIA!!!
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