Fake Hermes bags wholesale

  1. A few months ago I signed up for a Google Alert for "Hermes Birkin". At first the email alerts I got were mostly news items, many about VB, fun things to read. But lately I get more and more of these alerts every day and most are offers to sell "replica" Hermes bags in large lots. I just delete these offers, but they have proliferated like crazy of late.
    The fake market is exploding.
  2. Yes, it is. The sad part is that the criminals are using real photos stolen from eBay and even tPF to defraud the unwary and unwise out of hundreds or thousands. TPF is invaluable for those who are fortunate enough to have found us. Many get replicas from overseas directly for a few hundred bucks, but once the ugly item is received, they realize it wasn't even worth that amount. It's a self-defeating industry in many ways - at least for the lower grades of replica makers. Alas, the really good fakers won't send out an email to the public.
  3. Do you guys think Hermès bags have gotten more and more coverage due to Vicky Beckham's pictures and that this has triggered a growing demand for fakes?
    Maybe more simply because bag culture in general has exploded these last couple of years?
    What's your opinion?
  4. All of the above!

    My mom was a fashion designer in the 80's and she can't believe how much the accessories are in demand right now!
  5. I also think we r seeing these bags carried in movies(there was a recent thread on this) and on TV. I was just watching a rerun of Starter Wife and Debra Messing was carrying a beautiful black birkin!