fake hayden harnetts?!

  1. I was just introduced to the HH bags and i love the look of their bags and the great leather texture! I was thinking of getting one, but I was worried of getting a fake one. the counterfeit busineess if fast to catch on, so are there any of them out there? i hope not!! also, i'm only a petite 5'2, does anyone know if the havana hobo would look too big for my frame? what do you think of it in white.. hard to match?
  2. nope, i don't think there are fakes out there of HH bags.
    at least I don't think so!
  3. I love my havana hobo. I think they would be very hard to fake, for a brand that isn't hugely popular. There are little details all over the bag that would be hard to replicate.

    i don't think it would look too huge on you. It's only huge if you put a lot of stuff in it.
  4. I am loving what I see of the HH bags. I love that Hobo! I haven't seen any in person and I am a tad worried about the leather. What is the quality? Why I am asking is that some bags I have seen look like it's paper-thin and easily marred. Any opinions?
  5. Fake HH?! I don't think I've ever seen or heard such a thing.

    That said, we Australians were quite bemused and suprised when fake T(K)subi hit eBay a while back.

    Given HH have a sale on at the moment (I think, is it still running?) perhaps just get it direct from the source?
  6. i'm glad it's agreed that there aren't fakes of the beautiful HHs.

    i agree with lexie2000. though the leather looks oh so yummy and soft, it does look pretty thin. anyone who owns an HH to share what they think about the quality of their bag?

    btw, i forgot to say that i am new, this is my first thread and just wanted to say that this is such a fun site with so many people of great taste!:yahoo:
  7. I own a HH Nico and the Ibiza... both are great quality bags.

    My Nico has amazing washed leather on it.. incredibly soft.

    Go for it :smile: