Fake Hayden Harnetts ?????

  1. I was just looking @ the HH's on eBay & I saw a question on one of the listings about authenticity. The questioner said that fakes were being sold. I'm something of an HH fan (I have 5) & I've never seen a fake one anywhere - even eBay. Is this something new ? Admittedly, I only look when I'm wanting to buy so maybe I've missed something. Anybody know anything about this? Thanks so much !
  2. I googled the usual combination for China wholesalers, and did not come up with any HH bags from those sources.

    But its just a matter of time, I am sure.

    Fakes could be coming from elsewhere, however. I just did not find any mass produced in China...

    good luck!
  3. I have definately seen a fake Hayden Harnett on eBay. It was a Mercer Hobo I think. Very cheap looking leather and some of the studs/hardware was not consistant with the real bag. I think there was a thread somewhere on here about it.